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HGH, Peptides, and AAS to Recover from Surgery

I bought a treadmill yesterday so I can focus on and hit LISS hard (medium?) to help recover my EF. I have also started my metoprolol and CoQ-10. I have some Vit D/K2 mix coming as well as celery seed extract.

I cut back my cals a little bit to bring my weight down. I wanna walk around at about 235, and starting today, I am bringing my TRT down from 200-150.

I am getting stronger in the gym and I feel like I am really filling out my muscles, which is weird to me since I am getting stronger using minimal weight. I guess I am doing what would be considered “powerbuilding” at this point.

I hit an insanely easy 3x6 @ 225 on incline bench. This has not been very challenging weight for me for a while now, but I was surprised out how easy I cranked it out, even using tempo. and this was without elbow sleeves.

Overall my recovery for my lat is done at this point, so I suppose I’ll just continue with my strongman training sans PEDs. My cardiologist told me that as long as my lifting doesn’t affect my heart, I can continue lifting as I have been.

I have a stress echo scheduled for 11 Jan and a sleep study scheduled for Jan 3. I feel certain I will end up with a CPAP.


I got some good (but confusing) news today. I had a stress echo and the sonography tech did another echo on me before the treadmill portion.

She told me she reviewed the previous measurements before taking mine today and that all of the previous measurements that were taken show my EF well over 50% and only one measurement that showed 40%. She also noted that all the measurements she was taking today showed my heart EF is over 50%, before and after the test.

To be clear, I understand she is not a dr and is not allowed to make a diagnosis, but I’m very surprised, and happy to hear this. I’ll update again once I hear back from my cardiologist. I just hope she’s right and she wasn’t reading it incorrectly.


This is correct, but if I remember correctly @wsmwannabe doesn’t only suffer from high BP but reduced EF. Reduced EF is more in the direction of heart failure and for heart failure Betablockers are THE first line medicine.

I think in this case betablockers are the way to go.

Usually (as in in all cases) beta blockers for heart failure or consequences of high blood pressure are combined with ACE-Is or ARBs.


Good news my friend!

There was a guy on this forum who did EKGs for a living…I can’t remember his user name…


Well I just verified that my EF is 55% and not 40%. Is it possible to raise my EF that much in one month? Is it possible something happened with the vax that caused it to dip and return? Or was it all just a mistake in the first place?

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I am going to try the ARB Telmisartan for high BP. It helps with cardiac hypertrophy directly as well as indirectly through lowering BP. Not making any recommendations, I don’t know enough about these drugs for that.

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AAS can have an acutely deleterious effect on cardiac function

Not likely to be this significant but if you were on a ton of tren at the time of the first echo/had you JUST come off a massive cycle it’s possible

I’ve seen case reports mimick this, but it’s extremely unlikely.

What are you on now vs what were you on at the time of first echo?

The vaccine isn’t going to cause heart failure unless you had myocarditis… which your echo didn’t detect…

People need to stop blaming the vaccine for everything. For a steroid using male in his 40s the vaccine is a hell of a lot better than covid.


Currently running 150 test and that’s it. I didn’t want to completely come off knowing that being at “normal”levels wouldn’t be any worse than being at 0.

As far as the vax and death in steroid users. It’s not specific to steroid users. It’s pretty common among all highly active people, AAS or not. Dr Robert Malone goes in depth as to why people are having heart issues from the vax, and some countries are beginning to actually caution against the vax due to said heart issues (among MANY other things).

I don’t know if the vax caused the cardiomyopathy (if I ever actually had it), but I’m certain it is the reason I have been having heart pains that seem to have largely subsided by now.

Robert Malone? You mean the guy who has made numerous verifiable false claims about the vaccine?

Not bashing you here, but I’d fact check his claims.

Wikipedia isn’t exactly reliable, however it isn’t as simple as “anyone can edit wikipedia” anymore.

If you had cardiomyopathy from the vaccine myocarditis would have been detected on imaging

What’s more likely

“I took steroids and it had an effect re cardiac function”


“I took a vaccine and that was the culprit”

If the imaging detected myocarditis/pericarditis I’d believe it was the vaccine.

Due to myocarditis… yes… which you didn’t have…


This topic is clearly a trigger point for you based on your response, so I’ll try to address this all concisely.

I don’t know how you can be sure about the information I got from dr Malone is false. You don’t even know which information I’m referring to. Also, the fact that the US govt is trying to censor him tells me he’s probably got a lot of info the govt doesn’t want us knowing.

Also, most people on here respect you a lot for your high level of knowledge, but you’re gonna lose a lot of credibility if you keep coming in here with Wikipedia entries.

I never said I had myocarditis, and I’m not disagreeing with you about the cardiomyopathy with respect to the vax. I said I’m not sure if it did or did not cause the heart issue.

I never said I had myocarditis, I said I had heart pains. Which is 100% linked to the vax.

Other things such as Bell’s palsy, blood clots, reproductive issues, neurological disorders, etc. Heart issues aren’t the only issues arising from the vax, I think they’re generally the most immediately severe though. Even Pfizer released a 39 page doc as part of a giant FOIA request that shows VAERS data linking, 10’s of thousands of vaccine injuries to their covid shot. This was just in the first 90 days of releasing the vax to the public.

I’d really rather not turn this into a vaccine thread though.