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HGH, Peptides, and AAS to Recover from Surgery

I was intending on taking a break when I went overseas, which is in three weeks. But I’m drastically reducing the volume as of today. I love exercise, and currently I use that, alongside work to keep me busy at all times.

The injuries I’m racking up are insane. With my connective tissue profile it’s difficult to not rack up injuries. So I need to take a couple weeks off before a couple/few weeks turns into a few months or longer.

21 hours per week is going to turn into 4-6 hours/wk.

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Day 14 update:

I have had full range of motion back in my right shoulder/arm/back for about 5-6 days now. The bruising is still just barely hanging out on my right bicep, I have no idea why. My forearm, wrist and hand are all still sore on the RHS. I think this is just due to the severe swelling and fluid build up from the initial injury, which occured 31 days ago. The swelling and bruising got worse for about 5-6 days after the injury and then began to recede after that. I suppose it just hasn’t fully subsided yet, even though there is no visible bruising anymore (aside from the one spot that I noted)

I carried a 100 lb box all by myself yesterday and I felt nothing in my lat. I also tried not to load more lat more than necessary while carrying. My coach has had me training my lat VERY LIGHTLY for 2 training sessions now, and I have had no issues or setbacks with that either, not even soreness in the torn area. I still think I’ll be back to 100% by January 1 or sooner.

All of that is to say, I’m fairly certain this protocol that I am on is working.

Anyone that has read this far, I also have a couple of questions:

  1. I have been pinning my HGH and then drinking my protein coffee (black coffee with a single scoop of whey protein in it) more or less at the same time, but usually not eating for an hour or two. Is this improper timing for HGH (3.5 IU/day)?

  2. I have been taking Berberine for a few days now, only taking 400 mg/day. I have no idea what an appropriate dose of this is. Can anyone enlighten me? I supposed I should’ve done just a little more research before just starting this stuff, but in my passive reading/research I found nothing about dosing on Berberine (only Metformin).

As a reminder, my current protocol is:

2500 mcg TB500 2x/wk
500 mcg BPC 157 daily
3.5 IU HGH daily
50 mg testC 2x/week
50 mg deca 2x/week

Did you rupture a vessel behind your lens?

central serous chorioretinopathy.

I developed 3 holes in the back of my eye wall that leaked fluid between my eyewall and retina and created a huge pocket of fluid that left me almost totally blind in one eye until the fluid began to dissipate. As the fluid dissipates, my vision comes back extremely distorted. Vision distortion is inversely proportional to the amount of fluid in that pocket. Now, about 34 days later, my vision is about 80-85% returned in my right eye. Last time this happened, it took about 6-8 weeks for vision to be this close to restored.


So far my recovery is going very well. Still on pace to be 100% again by Jan 1.

I did bump all the way up to 4IU/day of HGH, but I backed it off to 3 IU. Sleeping has been difficult the last couple of nights because of extreme hand numbness, So extreme it is painful, if that makes sense. That probably sounds like a complete oxymoron but I don’t know how else to describe it. I already sleep in a way that my hands usually go numb anyways, but it has been much worse the last few days. I do like the HGH for the recovery aspect, but I don’t think I’ll be running it the full 6 months that I had planned to. In fact I may just run the 2 kits I got and be done with it. It is hard to tell if I am getting any other benefits from it since my training has been so neutered with the injuries.

I can’t remember but did you end up going pharma for growth or black market? If black market did you happen to see a purity and dimmer test? If so, what was it

I ended up going black market. One test I saw was 95% purity (based on the test date I believe that was using Jano’s newer, more accurate method that show lower purity) and contained 12IU (vials are supposed to be 10IU). I’m pretty sure I saw another test that was about the same but I cannot remember where that test was.