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HGH, Peptides, and AAS to Recover from Surgery

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Yea, I totally get what you mean. Essentially I am going too hard for too long. It’s a blessing and a curse to have this level of drive.

I think largely what is happening is that I am training too hard and not recovering hard enough. I have already spoken with my coach about training only 3 times a week when I start meet prep (instead of 4).

And I think I need to take my “off season” a little more seriously instead of using it as a time to constantly dick around with PR’s and maxes


I did my first injection yesterday of each of the three peptides:
500mcg BPC157
2.5 mg TB500

After some of the sides I have heard of with the GH I decided to start at 2 IU/day and work up to 3-4 IU/day if no sides occur

I also dropped the BPC 157 a little bit based off of recommendations I had seen from others and read elsewhere. So for now my recovery stack is:

50/50 Test C/Deca pinned 2x/wk (100/100mg/wk)
500 mcg BPC157 ED (total 3.5 mg/wk)
2.5 mg TB500 pinned 2x/wk (total 5mg/wk)
2 IU GH/day pinned in the AM (14 IU/wk)

This is my first run with growth, so if anyone has any suggestions for timing or dosing, I’m all ears. From all of the reading I have done, I don’t think timing is all that important at this dose, and sides should be minimal or non-existent. I would like to bump it all the way up to 4-6 IU/day eventually, but for now I think I should wait until my injuries have healed. I’m thinking I should more or less be 100% by January.

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I don’t have much experience with growth, but if I were to run it, I would buy one of those blood sugar monitors and do the test where you do it fasted then drink a glucose drink and wait for like 30 minutes and retest. I would do that every so often with HGH.

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It also seems popular to run something like metformin post GH use (maybe even while on? Idk) to help reset the insulin sensitivity (from what I’ve read).

Trying to learn about GH is so hard. It’s complex and there’s so much it effects and so much bro science.

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What is the purpose of this? to determine insulin sensitivity/insensitivity?

I have heard of this, but I do not believe insulin insensitivity generally occurs at such lows doses. For me I always learn better by self experimentation than by just reading, so I figured starting a lower (safer) dose would help me learn about it, and it will make it easier to adjust as my dose goes up.

Where you’re at now is indeed low and maybe even close to “replacement”. 6 is not. I’ve seen reports of some needing thyroid meds at 6. I can’t remember if it’s t4 or t3 that starts getting all out of whack. But 6 is where I seem to see the bros starting to “need” other things besides just growth.

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Ah, yea I totally get where you’re coming from. Idk what it is, but it’s easier for me to read and understand info about a compound that I am already using. I will definitely consider things like thyroid activity and insulin sensitivity if/when I increase the dose.

Yes. I think you can tell by how much your sugar levels change how well your body is handling the HGH. There is an article on here about the test you can do.

How’s the recovery going man


Exceedingly well. I already have full range of motion back, I still don’t care to do any heavy lifting that requires a lot of lat activation, but I was flexing my lat the other day to see how it felt and it didn’t even feel like I injured it.

I’m still gonna follow my PT’s plan to a T, but I feel like I’ll be 100% by Jan if not sooner.

Also, I increased my growth to 3 IU/day from 2. If I don’t feel/notice any sides from the growth at 3 IU, I’ll bump it up to 4. I plan to run it for 6 months total (I found a REALLY cheap source with HPLC testing to back it up so I dont have to spend ridiculous amounts to run it). I also need to get some metformin to run with it, and I don’t know much about ozempic, so I need to do some research, but I think @iron_yuppie mentioned it was good to run with growth?


Ozempic (semaglutide) is amazing to run with pretty much anything if the goal is weight loss. Unreal how good that stuff is. The fact that I haven’t gone to the underground to stock up on a lifetime supply is a travesty. I made the mistake of getting Saxenda (liraglutide) because I wanted to try it. Not the same experience at all.


I didn’t know it was available UGL yet. I might have to look into it as well.

Would you say it is enough to keep one from becoming insulin resistant with moderate HGH use?

By underground I mean overseas pharmacies. I’m sure someone out there is selling a grey market version, but I want the actual branded product from the manufacturer.

I still can’t flex my left lat properly ever since I injured my shoulder over a year ago. I’m not getting the surgery for it, I’m assuming it’s just something I’ll have to deal with now… There is no visible tear in MRI, though I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a slap tear that hasn’t been diagnosed as I’ve always got a dull ache in that shoulder, albeit no serious weakness. Surgery would be to repair excessive glenohumeral instability that ironically tends to limit rom/lead to stiffness and frequent RC strains as the
it is not/shouldn’t be the rotator cuffs job to stabilise the shoulder per se.

Surgery would take over a year to recover from… No thanks, not until the shoulder flat out dislocates. I’ve had three partial dislocations now, so it’s only a matter of time

I just do extra unilateral work on the left side and it seems to even out fairly well, the imbalance is hardly noticeable.

Would BPC-157 and TB-500 work for repairing the issue? It seems to be doing wonders for mine so far. But mine were just muscle tears, I’m not really sure what a slap tear is

Slap tear would be a torn labrum.

I’ve just started taking both, but I can only afford around 3 wks worth as I’m saving up for my overseas trip.

Having to take a break from (some) combat sports. So can’t do western boxing or Muay Thai at the moment, just doing grappling.

Meaning BJJ and now a bit of Greco Roman wrestling. My injuries are actually piling right up. Forearm tendonitis, elbow tendonitis, injured hip, strained hammy, bruises on my arms, ribs and sometimes face… But I train a looooooot, like close to 21 hours/wk, anything to keep me busy after work. The shoulder is by far the worst out of all injuries I’ve got.

Combination of weightlifting and combat sports. I enjoy it thoroughly

Brother, I am all for pushing yourself, but if I am not mistaken you are still relatively young, and about as smart as they come.

With that said, take a break. If you think you’re beat up now, wait until you’re 10-20 years older and you never gave your body time to heal. I am not saying to quit, but we already know you’re a tough mother fucker, and you don’t need to prove that any further. Get your body right so you can do this for the next few decades instead of injuring yourself into oblivion before the age of 25


Yep, sometimes you need to do stuff differently if you want to keep going at it. I squat with a Duffalo bar because even though I like the traditional squat it is brutal on my shoulders / elbows. I’d love to be able to do pullups regularly, but elbows hate them, so I chin up instead.

Figure out what is sustainable for you. I am doing a lot of my leg volume with belt squats now. My lower back is a lot happier with me. I am still strong (actually getting stronger) on squats, but I am not doing nearly the volume I used to on traditional squats and their close variations.

I have been stubborn in the past and still pay for it. I did a bit of competitive climbing. I pushed too hard. I don’t think I would have tennis elbow if I hadn’t done that. I was really into running. I was able to progress much faster than anyone I knew, but I pushed to hard. My left hip is still problematic for me because I tried to progress too quickly (I was taking painkillers to run more often and farther / faster). Now if something starts bothering me, I do something else that I think I can make progress with.