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HGH, Peptides, and AAS to Recover from Surgery

So based on the injury that I have, I am almost completely certain surgery will be required (tomorrow’s MRI will confirm this). So for recovery, I am thinking of running these compounds:

500 mcg TB500 ED (or 1 mg EOD)
800 mcg BPC 157 ED (or 1.6 mg EOD)
100/100 test/nand/wk

Obviously there is no point in starting until after the surgery, but how long do I need to wait? 1 day? 1 week?

Anything else that I am missing? The doc told me it would be 4-6 months for recovery, but hopefully this will have me back in action after less than 3 months.

I have been reading that peptides are systemic and don’t require localized injections, but it seems there’s broscience that contradicts this. Does anyone have insight on this?

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I don’t understand the HGH being EOD. I have heard of people doing this, but I am not sure I understand the reasoning. I am thinking 6 IU EOD would shut you down as much as 3 IU daily, but maybe I am wrong on that?

Overall, I do think this stack will help with recovery. I am not convinced on Nand being more than something that shields pain. Maybe it is good for collagen synthesis? I think you may get just as much with Var or EQ though (thought those were supposed to be good in that area).

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Danny bossa did a video on this. I know slot of people have mixed reviews on him so you may not care. If I remember correctly he said it didn’t matter where you injected. I feel like as easy as it would be to get it semi close to the injured area, I’d just do that. Even if it was just for peace of mind.


GH creates insulin resistance. Fasting increases insulin sensitivity. So the “safer” theory about GH use is called “fast and blast”. Since you are not pinning it ED you are reducing potential insulin resistance.
As far as shutting down, i dont think it shuts down anything. Its not like a steroid. Same as insulin does not shut down natural insulin, it just adds to it.

Judging by my bloodwork, my GH levels are elevated for 48hours anyway. Of course on day one they are tripple the norm and on day 2 they are a bit above the natural max, but still…

Altho for injuries i would probably also keep it steady and ED.


Might be pretty good to pin on evenings on training days (4X a week)?

Most common use is to pin it in the mornings.
At night you have your natural GH release, so most people pin in the morning. Its also said that GH is best used when fasted, and also never with insulin as they counter-act each other, so this also means - not after eating when there is insulin released in your body.
But thats also probably like - the difference of 5-10% maybe… I pin it in the mornings on cardio days when i wont be eating, as it kind of helps burning fat when fasted.

I have also seen a protocol where you inject GH in the morning, and eat after an hour or two, and then you can also take insulin.
I havent really seen much people injecting GH at night.
It does seem to be logical choise as natural GH is released at night but as far as i understand - you can use your natural GH at night and supplement it in the morning.

I have done it AM and PM and have never seen a difference tho.
Only difference i saw was that when i took it ED my pinky started to hurt a bit, like a very beginning of carpal tunnel but when i pin EOD i havent had anything like that anymore.


I had success doing the shots locally, as I haven’t seen anything else that has said they work systemically. However mine wasn’t a bad injury or surgery, just minor stuff (did take away back pain I’d had for years tho). Tried to get my dad and brother to try it after their surgeries but they don’t trust my non-doctor knowledge lol

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There’s definitely some great info in here. You guys never fail to impress.

With that said, is there any additional info about the peptides themselves? does the dosing and frequency seem ok? I suppose I could look up the half life of the peptides for better info, but I also like everyone’s input

My clinic has me do 500mcg BPC daily for 30 days, but I’ve never had to run it that long.

I’ve seen YouTube channels suggest up to 1mg daily, but don’t know where they got that from.

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@wsmwannabe do you plan to get your peptides from a compounding pharmacy or through other avenues?

Price will dictate that. As of now the plan is to go through a UGL. But obviously going through a doc would be smarter and legal lol

I’m not sure of the legality of those peptides you’ve chosen (minus the growth obviously). I think they fall into that grey area… I got a price quote from my TRT doc on BP-157 and it was higher, but I can’t remember how high. I think I’ve normally paid around ~$45 for BP-157 from research chem places.

I feel like with the goal and severity of the injury, getting the peptides from a compounding pharmacy would be worth it. I understand going underground for growth, lots of decent low dimmer - high purity stuff out there for a fraction of the cost. I’ve yet to run across much 3rd party testing on peptides, granted, my frame of reference is limited to a small demographic of forums that would have such, both of which you’re already on :joy:


I’ve had good results at that peptide place that specializes in science, but usually get the BPC from from my clinic (they use a compounder)

So I got about the best news I could possibly get. Initially the doc told me he thought I tore my lat off of my humerus. Today I found out that no muscles were torn off of any insertion points. However I do have moderate tears in both my lat and supraspinatus (I don’t know what exactly what it means, but something about a 50% interstitial tear in each of the muscles). So peptides and growth are still a go, but my recovery time will be much faster and I can start the peptides as soon as I get them in.


That sounds like great news man!

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Yea I was elated when I found out. Now I just gotta wait to get my shipments in and I’ll be well on the road to a fast(ish) recovery

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FWIW, I know a few people who have done similar to what you are going to do, and they all reported a really fast recovery. Still take it slow, it is easy to re injure, and easy to really want to start pushing hard again.

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Luckily my coach is also a PT, so I gets lots of direction/instruction when it comes to rehab and working around injuries

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So for those of you that have been following my previous threads, I had the eye thing happen again.

Last year I went to the VA for treatment and they told me it was largely due to the way I was working out and that I had to stop working out altogether. They said the AAS could have played a role but was most likely due to heavy valsalva maneuvers. They gave me 2 eye injections and it healed up in about 3 months.

This time I went to a private eye doctor, and they told me the injury occured strictly due to AAS usage and that the way I was lifting had nothing to do with the incident, even after I had told them it occured after a heavy ass lift. The new eye doctor has told me that injections are not the correct way to treat this issue and there is a photodynamic therapy they can use to seal the hole in my eye, and that the fluid should dissapate in about 6 weeks.

I believe the prognosis from the VA is much more accurate (I believe this has much more to do with the lifting than the drugs, though the drugs likely played a small part), but the treatment from the new eye doctor will be much more effective.

This time I am going to stay on TRT only, plus the peptides and growth, as opposed to coming off of everything cold turkey. I will also continue to work out, hypertrophy style, and make sure I do not hold my breath while lifting.

Also, I am pretty sure that, along with the torn lat and supraspinatus, I also tore something in my low back, also on the RHS. The low back pain is far more painful and debilitating than the lat and some nasty bruising appeared within the last day or two on my hip. It sucks, but it doesn’t really change my recovery plans, so I am not too upset about it.



Read this article and then switch a few words and see how it applies to you just like it applies to me:

Many times there’s a price to pay so you have to decide for yourself if the price is worth the ride. I wish you the best and broke my own rule not to post on here anymore once I read your latest update. I am pulling for you and wish you the best but at the end of the day some of our issues are completely self-inflicted (which you’ve been very open to accepting and understanding).

Take care and best wishes.

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