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HGH Peptide for My Teen Son?

I can always get it in (not a reference to size, reference to hardness). On the anavar I am running now I couldn’t finish (couple weeks back). I didn’t feel good about that. Think it was not ED. Libido was down a bit, and after a marathon of humping I just could not finish (I don’t give up easy, so a marathon it was indeed).

I’d pay $20k to be 6’1… I’m 5’10 and change as well. I would pay $5k for 1” though. Lol

I would pay $0 to change my height. Of all the things I don’t like about myself, that’s in the bottom quintile. Now the size of my Bill Cosby nose…


I’d pay money to be not as tall. To be able to walk into a normal store and buy clothes… would be awesome.

I’d’ve been 5’7… I’d take that for 35K

Problem is many practitioners are far too conservative with dosage

It’s been documented when someone with idiopathic short stature is given GH, many somewhat incompetent individuals will give the kid replacement dosages of GH… this has minimal to no impact on final height… you need to give them supraphysiologic dosages (of which has a greater likelihood for causing adverse effects) in order to trigger growth when the individual isn’t GH deficient to begin with

What would the long term effects of giving a child supra doses of GH?

yeah Goddamn retarded. He has 4-6 years, growth in him. Myself and loads of my buddies had a big growth spurt around 16/coming back from summer for junior year.

If want to support him give him top quality nutrition, leave healthy snack around the house(nuts, fruit) and encourage him to get to bed super early etc

Yeah for a 13yo, especially a short one this is no bueno. Either you’re letting him eat like a total asshole at home /powering down soda or whatever or he’s regularly snacking on junk at school and not telling you

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Good point. I’m a dentist so I put emphasis on education but he just has this natural talent that’s unreal. I don’t want him playing college sports but it may be the only way to get him to go. He makes Honor Roll routinely out of fear of repercussions but HATES school.
That’s my deal. He may not go if he can’t play ball. I’m hoping he gets his chili wet and changes his mind.
I have a friend that gave his son actual HGH and T for a year and he shot up to 6’6”. His dad is 5’9”. And his son is committed to QB at a 1A school.
I’ll never do it. I think I was just on an adrenaline high when I wrote the post from him crushing 3 HRs off 2 damn good pitchers.

I appreciate the non judgmental response. Nudes from girls btw. Lol.
I was asking for if at 15-16 y/o if he is still 5’5” or something, are there any studies or anything about it?
Like I said b4, I’ll never do it. I was just on an adrenaline high after his 3 HRs. One went 350’. It’s crazy.

For starters, teens sending teens nudes is still child porn. Knock that shit off right now. If your boy gets his feelings hurt and sends a girl’s pic out while throwing a temper tantrum then he’ll be a sex offender real quick. Colleges don’t care for those much.

Now on to your question. NCAA Division 1 colleges have 11.7 scholarships for baseball. The roster carries 35 guys. I got $2000 plus books from Wichita State. I was 6’5" and weighed over 220. I could touch 90 mph just like everyone else.

My parents spent way more than $2k each summer to support my baseball career. It’s not worth it. I played with guys better than me and your son and only a few made it to the bigs. One is currently the pitching coach for the Cubs. One played for several teams over 8 or 9 years. And the guy who led the nation in homeruns his senior year never made it.

You think your son has what it takes to do big things? Start by teaching him how to do the little things like treating girls with respect and eating healthy.


Thank you!!! This was really what I was wondering. I doubted it had any effect as his GH levels are already high.

I didn’t look at the nudes. I just glanced over and Saw nudity & said “dude, those are kids! Put that up.”
Actually weighed him tonight and he is 142lbs and 5’4”. IDK where I got the numbers I posted.
Yes 81 mph is average for high school but he’s 13 in 7th grade. Other kids are lucky to get 65-70mph according to my radar. A college pitching coach came to watch him yesterday. He said he’s seen the pitching speed before but not the long ball 3x. He said he’s only seen a couple 7th graders get it out of the park and they barely did but all 3 of his were no-brainers off the bat.
As I said b4, I think I was just on an adrenaline high from his first game and the performance. I’d never give him anabolics.

You said “dude those are kids, put that up” as in “let me see”? Or “put that away”… these are two very different scenarios

It’d be wildly inappropriate to be purposely asking to see the nudes people send to you’re son, especially considering they’re underage, thus it’s considered child pornography in the US. in Aus we have a safe barrier against kids getting in trouble for consensual sexual interaction… I believe it’s so long as both parties are above the age of 12 but no less than two years apart… but after the age of 16 it’s free reign (that’s the age of consent here)

I actually dislike the notion of sexting in general… even to a SO… too much has the potential to go wrong, but perhaps I’m just too conservative

Regardless, at age 15-16… still a bad idea if done absent of supervision via a medical professional… growth hormone, when used in supraphysiologic dosages (as would be required if you’re son doesn’t have GH deficiency… which at 5’4, 13 years of age he almost certainly doesn’t…) tends to raise the potential for adverse side effects

  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • increased cardiac size (chronic)
  • edema (carpal tunnel syndrome can develop)

And more… just don’t… if you’re son ends up using PEDS absent of you’re knowledge and you find them… give him a long hard talk about what he’s potentially getting himself into, don’t accept it on the basis of he “might” go pro… whatever you do, don’t give him consent or “approval” to use PED’s… and most certainly don’t supply them, that’s incredibly unethical in my book

In the US (and probably everywhere) “put that up” means “put that away”.

That’s not crazy. It’s slightly above average. It’s cool you’re doing this with your son and are excited, but let him be a kid. There’s more to the game than cage bombs.

If you’re not hitting bombs in BP, there’s no chance it’ll happen in games. Similarly, if you hit the ball squarely 90% of time in BP, you’ll hit the ball squarely less in games. Seek perfection in simulation, in order to be 40% in game time.

I didn’t pitch much in HS, despite throwing 83-84 as a freshman. At 6’3”, no less.

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But he just turned 13 in December. The ULM college pitching coach asked me “Y’all been practicing much?” I said duck season ended on the 8th. He hasn’t picked up anything but a shotgun or a bow since September and they’ve only had 3-4 practices. He played football but was defensive end.
He said and “he’s popping 81 mph already? Who coached him(assuming he had had lessons from a pro)“. I said Dixie league dads.
He said ok. He’s a natural. Just gotta see where he ends up with his height but I’d like to see some more.
I’m 6’2”, wife is 5’2”. He’s only 140 lbs and 5’4” so I was way off in my estimation.
He’s on a AAA 7th grade team and he pitched a 5 inning shutout against the 8th grade team of 5A school with 15 y/o’s.
The pitchers he faced was 15 & 14 and he hit 3HRs. I don’t think y’all realize how far 325’ is to a 13 y/o. During practice he hit several over and the coach, who’s a big guy had me pitch 20 to him after practice and he got 2 out barely.

I just want to reiterate that having naked pictures of girls under 18 on his phone is a felony sex crime.

Again, college baseball is overrated. Most D 1 players get one third of a scholarship (like me).

I remember when I hit three HRs in a game while also pitching. It was fun, but not uncommon.

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That being said… many, MANY kids end up sexting at one point or another… I don’t like it, I dislike the notion of sexting to begin with… but this certainly isn’t what I’d worry about

America has this puritanical, incredibly conservative attitude regarding sex (I noticed this living there)… sex isn’t dirty/unnatural, and when kids are booming with hormones, they shouldn’t be taught “you’ll be criminalised and/or punished for this”, sexual experimentation is a normal facet of growing up… yet many American adults seemed to think it was their job do to everything in their power to stop youth from becoming sexually active… yet guns, violence etc were totally fine

I don’t like the idea of sending nudes regardless of age, as I’ve said before… MANY things can go wrong here

Now… sharing naked pictures with peers… that’s unnacceptable behavior that should be punished

I just dropped him off at school and asked him his height and weight. He said we literally got measured yesterday. I’m 5’5” 149 lbs with body fat at 12%. I got the 5’4” from his football physical in August. So he may hit 5’10”+. Disregard everything else I said. I just don’t see the growth bc I see him every day.

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