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HGH Peptide for My Teen Son?

Please read before stoning me!
I have a son with serious college baseball potential. At 13 y/o he throws his fastball 81mph on a 54’ mound and routinely puts balls out of the park on a 315’-335’ fence. They’ve had 3 practices and a scrimmage. His only problem is he got my father’s and father in law’s genetics. 5’3”, 170lbs. Obese by medical standards. I know he’s still growing but is there a point or age to consider ipamorelin for 6-8 weeks to shoot him up and drop the weight if it doesn’t come off in the next couple of years?
The football coaches love his size because of his speed. At DE he had 11 sacks in 10 games because no one could block him. His diet is good as I am on TRT, hcg, & HGH peptide and workout a lot so he eats what I eat.
I’m not saying at 13…but maybe 15 if it appears his growth has slowed down? Am I a monster for even considering it? He just told me yesterday, after hitting 3 HRs in a scrimmage and pitching a shut out (5 innings) that he really wants to play college baseball. I told him to let girls come into the picture and then decide…he shows me nudes on his phone. I shook my head and said then bust your ass. He said “I’m too fat for any colleges to look at me.”
I pray he outgrows it but he’s already had one growth spurt and lifts weights HARD every single school day. (Football school with 3 state championships in 5 years).
Tell me your opinion? Go turn myself in to the police??? Or are the peptides that safe? Thanks for any advice and I don’t blame you for flaming me.

Here’s an idea, stop putting so much emphasis on his physical abilities and nurture his mental ones. Very few people make it in sports at a collegiate or professional level. He’s 13. He may lose interest, just be ahead in puberty, or hell you may be correct. If you feel he has a medical issue then see an Endo, otherwise don’t consider dosing your child with peptides, HGH, or AAS. I’ll say “please”.


Yes. It’s your job to protect him from doing harm to himself. Instead you’re actively seeking out ways for him to mess with his fragile and evolving endocrine system. How about you get him on a better diet first? “He eats what I eat” is not a better diet. Know how I can tell? Because he’s obese. Obviously that particular diet doesn’t work for him. So find something that does and get him into shape that way. Teenagers are incredibly resilient and adapt to change very quickly. Give him the opportunity to make changes in a natural way and I’ll bet all the money in my wallet that he loses weight.


Is he showing you nudes of himself… or of girls sending him nudes… regardless that’s… strange… but not going to judge here

Don’t give him peptides, AAS etc… he’s 5’3, right? Chances are if he’s 13 he will grow more… if his bone age is advanced and/or his pubertal development is nearing completion an endocrinologist may consider growth hormone, however given how conservative the field of paediatric endocrinology is… probably not… But giving him peptides without monitoring via a medical professional is reckless, if peptides or anabolic steroids are administered to this child under the guise of legitimate medical ailment (via a medical professional be it for GH deficiency, hypogonadism, idiopathic short stature or whatnot) that’s a totally different story… granted diagnosing hypogonadism and distinguishing from delayed puberty is a difficult task, the presence of kallman’s syndrome, klinefelters syndrome etc would likely have to be at play… but say a TT of below 300ng/dl by age 17 would probably be a fair indication…

The kid is THIRTEEN, chances are he grow quite a bit still… certainly wasn’t 5’3 when I was 13 (probably closer to 5’2)… was 5’5 by the time I was 15-16… that was my final height… it is what it is. Giving the CHILD PED’s would be an incredibly reckless and irresponsible decision to make, how would you feel if god forbid something went wrong?


I wouldn’t say you’re a monster. You sound like you ultimately want the best for him, you just don’t want his potential genetic limitations to hinder his possible desire to play college or pro.

Having said that, absolutely do NOT go this route. It’s dangerous, reckless, and could cause life long potential damage.

First, get full blood work done. Make sure everything is as it should be and there’s no internal reasons that his weight gain is a biological issue. If everything comes back good, then you know it’s diet and exercise that needs adjusting. Baseball is not overly strenuous, and often heavier kids are able to go pretty easy on any of the cardiovascular type.

Lately, your son is only 13, statistically, he will grow. I was 5’1 and 13 years old. Maybe 5’7/5’8 when I graduated high school, and by 20 I made it to 5’10 and change.


Does baseball have a height requirement?

As a pitcher … height is quite advantageous. Now other positions it isn’t quite as important, however, it’s still a limiting factor. There are very few short players in the MLB. Altuve comes to mind, he’s 5’6 and 170, and extremely short compared to the average MLB height at 6’2.

For looking at the teen nudes he showed you, yeah.

For not understanding how to setup training and nutrition for a 13-year old athlete, no.

A quick Google-Fu session says this is simply average for high school. No?

If this was true, he wouldn’t be carrying significant fat at 170 and 5’3".

Get a better plan. 5/3/1 would be pretty perfect for a teen athlete. Anything from Eric Cressey or Tony Gentilcore (basically baseball S&C experts) would be great too.

The old school idea “lifting weights stunts height” is basically a myth… unless kids follow poorly designed training programs with excessive intensity and poor nutrition/recovery. Get him training smarter ASAP.

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I think this is a bit to far IMO. It does not sound like OP understands all of the details of what he is proposing. I think @aaronca post nailed it.

It is or at least was a regular medical procedure to give male teens GH injections if they are at the very bottom of the height distribution. I have a friend that was on GH in high school in an attempt to get him a bit taller. He only made it to 5’2". I imagine that is better than being in the high 4’ range as a male.

It doesn’t sound like OPs son is in that category. I think I was about that tall, and made it to a bit over 5’10. If I was a much shorter teenager, who was projected to only make it to 5’2" or something, I would be willing to pay a high price to be close to average.

Studies show that genetically short kids don’t usually grow more than 1-2" past their set point even given growth hormone. That’s for idiopathic short stature and not for someone who is GH deficient. Still… I would take the 1-2" LOL

EDIT: Just googled an interested article that said each 1" in height would cost approx $35k for scripted growth hormone treatment.

I don’t think being tall should be such a big deal in society, but it is or my perception is that it is. With that being said, my friend was getting shots every day. I would pay $70K to go from 5’ to 5’2" if I could afford it, which is probably what his family spent, and probably how tall he would have been. His dad made really good money.

My parents couldn’t afford it when I was young. My Dad is 5’6" and my mom is 5’0". I guess I’m lucky I beat my Dad. My lil brother is 5’10"… bastard.

You guys make me appreciate my height, something I didn’t even think twice about. Im 5’10 and a half.



You bastard. I am 5’10" and a quarter. That quarter matters damnit.

How much would you pay to get a quarter inch past me?

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If height could be purchased (which it can be to an extent with the GH), it would follow the law of diminishing returns. Ex. I would pay more to go from 5’2" to 5’2.5" than from 5’10.25" to 5’10.75".

To answer your question though. If no other health was impacted, just proportionally bigger all over including height… I would pay 10K for .5". 40K and I am 6’2.5" (I put this as the number where I don’t even have to think about it).

Even at 5’10.25" I make a habit of only buying shoes that are a bit taller in the sole. Nothing that is obvious. I like Nike Air Max’s. Normal looking and add over an inch.

All being said, I don’t mind my height. I also am wider than almost everybody I meet, which makes me look formidable.

Now the real question what would you pay to add .5" to your other height?

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Same here. Feeling good about my 6”1 now😂
Except for my long ass arms.

Nothing because its what you can do with it not the size of it. Although thankfully I’m gifted with both, the size and the ability lol.


That is probably only true once you reach a certain point. You need to get a boat in the ocean if you want to go boating.

Oh of course. If she (or he) says ‘is it in yet’ and you’ve been humping full on doggy style then you’re probably too small. Luckily i havent had that problem, when the thing actually wants to work, which is much more of an issue for me than size.