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HGH Peptide Alternative to Ibutamoren?

I’ve been taking 25mg of Ibutamoren(mk-677) and I don’t like it increased my appetite made me feel like I was on a drug, and increased water retention. Strength gains in gym are nice so far but it doesn’t equate to the above side effects. I don’t care about injecting.

I take sermorelin acetate 509mg daily. IGF1 on bloods is usually between 265 and 315. Top of normal for my age is around 250. I have no side effects, no hunger.

Not to high jack the thread but…How long have you been on sermorelin? Do you cycle off? What time of day do you inject?

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I’ve been on for about 1 year. I cycled off for 3 months after being on for 6 months. About to cycle off again. You don’t have to but I do. Recommended dose is 200-500mcg daily. I take 500. You shouldn’t eat 1-2 hrs before or after. They recommend that you take it before bed for anti aging protocol but I’ve also read that for best hypertrophy and fat loss results to take first thing in the morning. I usually take it between 2 and 4 am when I get up to pee.

I have started ipmorelin at 400mcg daily in the am post workout. I’m interested in sermorelin also. Both are available through my Dr.

I sent you an email with questions

I’ll check. Thanks man

Top of normal for my age is 300. Mine is 159. How long will it take me to be there

They say 3-6 months to see maximum benefit. I’m sure different from person to person. I noticed sleep benefits on night one, and body fat loss within a month.

So you never noticed water retention/round face or hunger from Sermorelin?

No I haven’t. Sermorelin and ghrp2 made me hungry for about 5 minutes after taking it. Only sides I had was when I first started I had a dull headache that lasted for a few weeks. Was about to quit because of it but then it went away and never came back. I will occasionally have a brief hot flash right after taking it. No water retention

Ibutamoren(mk-677) is notorious for water retention/hunger lol. Tomorrow is last dose, I guess I’ll start Sermorelin sometime mid-end next month.

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Do you think taking: GHRP-2 20MG/GHRP-6 6MG/Sermorelin 15mg per vial and set up as 500mcg Sermorelin per shot five me hunger? They say ibutamoren is oral ghrp-6.

Ghrp6 is notorious for hunger. It’s used mostely to stimulate appetite. In combination with Sermorelin and ghrp2 is will increase potency of GH pulse, but for most causes a substantial increase in hunger. My doc told me stories of guys emptying a jar of peanut butter right after taking their shot. Keep in mind that eating fats or carbs two hours before or after your shot will significantly blunt the effect on GH pulse.

Will I lose strength after stopping 4 weeks of ibutamoren?(oral ghrp-6) I noticed my strength shot up immediately fast during those 4 weeks…10lbs on bench on same number of reps for example…

Not sure on that one. Anytime your hormone levels dip it’s a possibility, but keep training hard with good nutrition to minimize it IMO

Even with Semorelin I can’t eat for 2 hours before/after the shot? I want to take 500mcg when I wake up in morning as you mentioned best for training. I don’t eat breakfast anyway.

And does that include pre-workout powder?

Anything with carbs or fat. I just take my shot when I wake up to pee around 4am lol

Does it make you lethargic throughout day since you take in morning?