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HGH Overnight


I come to find out the best time to take HGH is in the AM about 3am-5am and go back to sleep.... can you fill the syringe when you go to sleep and leave out till that time at room temp in my bed room ??


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It's suppose to be in the frig for a reason man... When I've used hgh I did it 15mins before the gym and about the same before bed.


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I did that at total 8iu's a day total for close to 5 months
And it was the best gains and fatloss I've ever had so experience goes to show...


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Yea I was broke for those 5 months now that I think about it. Lol


i take 3iu every morning first thing when i wake up. 5 days a week. works well for me . i really dont know what "gains" you are speaking of seeing how it put on lean muscle and causes fat loss. not strength gains. it is not even in same class as anabolics. but anyways i dont think there is really a protocol on how to take to get the "best" results. so whatever works for you




how did i know i would catch up wit you one of these days bones? there are all kinds of diff protocols out there some say before bed , some say in the AM, some say etc. etc. im sure you are well aware of this and it can be very confusing and aggervating to someone trying to nail down the "best" time to take it to get the best results.

so in that case i put the time ive always taken it and have seen good results in my exp. if you got a better way to the "best" results frickin post it and quit asking me ques when you are supposed to be the all knowing guru. ya digg?


Already been posted, a long time ago, and in fact is accessible--roundabout style-- through stickies at the top of this very forum.

Yes, all the crazy bad info out there is aggravating. That is why people need to quit taking bro-knowledge at face value and start doing some actual leg work. I am not picking on you personally, but all the people in general whose idea of "research" is to read the first bro-forum they come across and call it good. That's not research, that's fucking lazy.

Yes it is definitely still possible to do your best and have questions. Been there done that. Just sayin.


VERY curious as to why you say this now! I recall that pre-workout gH was a big component of that e3d protocol.

And for someone doing multiple workouts a day that might be kinda difficult.

Btw, YGPM.


First off. Shut the fuck up with your instigating tone. If you joined the forum to act like a tool, youve wasted your time.

Second. YOU said that there ISNT a best protocol. I asked why you think that. You proceeded to not answer it at all. Instead you simply said that finding the 'best' protocol would be time consuming and difficult. Well, no shit. But one of our members has put in that time and seems to believe he has found the best way to use gh, at the moment.

If you dont want to follow somoene's advice, that's fine. But saying there isnt a best way to do someone without having a reason makes that a rather pointless opinion, no?

Lastly, dont expect any help from me, regarding anything.


BONEZ on the warpath! Look out! :slight_smile:

Just funnin' ya some. For what's worth I agree with you.


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Disclaimer: I've tried GH several times and only for relatively short periods because of its cost; I'm not a bodybuilder and I have no interest in competing.

With regards to GH I have tried ED, pre workout (10 IU pre workout sure makes for a good session :wink: and BBB's E3D protocol, I noticed no difference in results between this and the ED protocol, apart from more savings and bag for my buck :wink:

GH is pretty cool stuff, and I've lost count of the number of people who claim to have the 'best' or 'optimal' protocol. All you can do is listen to people who's opinion you trust and respect and make your own informed decision. All I know is GH is expensive and (can be) potentially harmful if abused. I know, from experience as I stated above that the E3D protocol yields results/affects/benefits so similar to ED that I couldn't notice a difference. For this reason it makes sense to me to stick with this protocol, I don't buy into the 'more is more' school of thought.

I know a fucking guy who is on a GH protocol where he does 30-40 IU (his weeks worth) in a DAY, then does like 2IU ED for the rest of the week, he's acknowledged that he's getting carpel tunnel syndrome or at least wrist problems, shit like this just makes me think WTF? I think its a blessing in disguise that GH is so costly, though all this cyber talk makes me want to treat myself to a little for the summer...


bonez first off kiss my dick bro! dont be asking me why with yo smart ass tone when a dude like you already thinks you got all the answers. ive seen your posts all over this thing and how you talk to folks bro. im finished with this argument cuz. i stated what worked for me and didnt tell anybody it was a fact. second off i have done my research and know docs that prescribe this stuff and they say diff times themselves. lastly i dont need a fackin thing from you except to get off my nuts... read the first part of my post and not just the last and i said what i know to be true. not "bro" knowledge. i have done plenty of my homework.... but will always have more to learn but not from an idiot whos behind a mask.


I will not kiss your dick. This is not the appropriate forum for flirting btw.


Sorry BBB. I was referring to this post by yourself, in reference to not taking gH near the time when your natural gH would be released.

In my mind the most efficacious times of the day would be pre-workout or post workout for multi-daily workouts (not sure which trumps which). But of course, your body produces gH in response to exercise.

Originally I was thinking you were responding to this idea--which was right above your quoted post. This confused me because that was a big part of your original protocol! ....and then I realized just now you were much more likely talking about taking it in the middle of the night lol.

I am still curious about your take on pre/post use for pure weight-training athletes doing 3x daily workouts, HPmass style, sled included. I would think pre-workout because of the energy boost, increased fatty acid mobilization, and reduced catabolic processes during training. However, the increased FFA mobilization doesn't quite click with my brain if you're taking in 100g carbs and 75-90g protein pre/during/post workout.

Let's just assume low usage (5-6iu/day), not competitive BB doses


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