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HGH Only


hey guys, has anyone any experience with hgh only? ive read it's a waste without a cycle but that cant be fully true, it had to do something right? I've a mate playing tested rugby and he's going on hgh only. What kind of results would an athlete on hgh only get?


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I've no personal experience with gear but I would think HGH would be HUGELY beneficial for an Athlete, why? To strengthen and improve the recovery of Joints & connective tissue.
I think it's ridiculous that elite athletes in joint intensive sports are not allowed theraputic HGH use.




It absolutely is. Of course, if you use "ridiculous" as your argument for it being wrong to criminalize something put into a person's body for private use, then that is just the tip of the iceberg.

To the OP: I use GH. You're not going to see the BOOM and LIFTOFF you get from AAS, but you will see nice, subtle changes over time. And if you plan on doing the heavy blast protocol some boards advocate, then it sounds like you'll see more than that.


I was on BBB's protocol but I found I had very bad fatigue around midday and was hard to get up in the morning even after 9+ hours of sleep.
Also it took around a month to see noticeable gains which mainly allowed me to stay lean while bulking.
I havent really measured stamina or endurance increase as it is significant to me.
I did get slight joint pain most probably from swelling but it has seem to subsided since I have dropped the dose to 3iu ED.


Growth will help w/ youthful appearance, hair, skin, nails, burning fat, gaining lean mass and energy,(after you get rid of the initial sleepiness) How many iu's will he be taking??


Unsure on the dosage yet. Going to start in janruary though when i have dosage sorted. I like the look of BBB's HGH Protocol but IV injections are not for me. I'm looking for a protocol with IM injections, and ledd frequent injections.

something like what i read in an old thread 10iu 3 times a week post workout. The HGH i have is seriosim and the vials are 8.8iu so im thinking 8.8iu EOD IM post workout. What do you guys think?


Have you read "The HGH Experiment" thread? If not, I suggest doing so....


I'd be curious to hear if that high of a dosage all in one bang is acceptable; I think most people would split it into two shots, morning and night.


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