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HGH Only Cycle - First Hand Experience Please

Hi All,

I am seriously considering a 6 to 12 month HGH only Cycle. I would very much appreciate advice based on first hand experience.

I am not a competitive bodybuilder and want to do something safe with minimal to no long term damage to my body.

I am close to 40 and have been lifting for 5 years. I have been on a 2 year bulk and currently weigh 110kg (242lbs) at 6ft. I think I am currently at around 25%bf.

I want to drop down to between 95kg and 100kg and be relatively lean. Gaining muscle while cutting is bonus, but I would like to keep the muscle Incurrently have. I have a mild amount of lose skin that I noticed when I cut to 178lbs 2 years ago, but it isn’t severe (lower belly mostly), so going super lean may not look good on me.”, but I can certainly try.

I would not be open to pinning via IV or IM.

I am looking to do BJJ (martial art) 4 to 5 times per week and lifting 2 to 3 times a week based on primarily compound movements.

Questions Please:

  • What is the correct dosage and ideal cycle length to get the benefits? Will I see any of the benefits when I come off?
  • Is this above what would be given to me as part of HRT regime? It’s ok if it is above a typical HRT dose, just wondering
  • What side effects can be expected at the dosages recommended? I am looking for realistic first hand experiences please. I know of some horror stories but Inexpect this is from people taking huge dosages for long periods of time.
  • I am UK based any idea on the cost per IU or mg via a prescription and/or via another source?

Thank you for taking the time to read and help, if I go this route, I will certainly share my experience with the community.

P.S. I found this article very informative along some other threads but answers to my questions above would be much appreciated.

May I ask why you’d rather dabble with HGH rather than Testosterone? As for one of your questions, I highly doubt any doctor in the UK would prescribe you HGH to effectively reduce body fat and improve performance, you’re going to have to go underground.

@liverpool_96 I am leaning towards HGH because my goals are:

  1. to retain my muscle while losing body fat
  2. to keep my body feeling young and healthy as I fee the bumps and knocks of BJJ much more now at 37 than i would have at 25.
  3. to hopefully be able to stop all supplementation once I hit a low bf%
  4. minimal negative impact on my body long term.
  5. I am hoping it will help some mildly lose skin (in my lower chest) where I don’t have stretch marks.

I have also noted that:
A) The sides seem more severe on T
B) It seems you keep HGH gains vs T where little of any is kept.

I also know that I love being strong and I don’t know if I could walk away after one cycle of T. The pumps, the vascularity, the huge increase in strength and size would likely keep me living in the dark side ;).

All the above being said at some point I’m time, I will almost certainly be on HRT. I am currently 37.

Please kindly note cost is not a major consideration va my long term wellbeing. I don’t know what the cost of 6 to 12 months of HGH is but assuming it’s a few thousand that’s ok.

Advice is much appreciated and welcome. I am note dead set on HGH just trying to learn and gather info from knowledgeable, experienced people. I will in due course share such info and experiences.

Thanks again