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HGH on Test Cycle

Im wondering if its worth pinning HGH on a test cycle

Running 600mg per week now test cyp… I can run HGH 18iu serostim spread over 2 weeks… I could probably run double but its expensive. Right no getting sweet gains on the test so thinking the extra juice might be a waste for the money. From past expierence HGH helps with recovery less soreness ect & cutting but size gains pretty minimal

2 weeks only? way too short imo.

I worded that bad I meant I get 18ius per every 2 weeks… I can run this for life if I want I was just wondering if its a waste of money while on my test cycle…Gains are sweet right now anyhow so either wanting to get sweeter gains or just save money for my other bad habits

if i could run gh for life id be ALL over that and never looking back, if you dont want to ill take it off your hands

Doc only lets me have 1 bottle per week… I have been :slight_smile: for last 2 years just figured I save some $$$ while on test cycle since 95% of gains now are from the test… Best part of HGH long term is the anti aging IMO if you get on it and stay on it for a few years you can see the difference in pictures…