HGH Mixing and Administration

Recently purchased some HGH and I’m looking for some advice on mixing and dosage. Purchased 2 boxes of 10 vials each. $300 per box. I’ve got good AAS from them in the past so I don’t think it’s bogus, however, there’s no labeling on the box and no labeling on the vials. The vials are filled about 1/3 full. I was told to inject 100IU of bacteriostatic water per vial.

With all the talk about how expensive HGH is, it seems like alot bang for the bucks. My questions are to those familiar with HGH is:
Is this a standard practice, 100iu per vial. I’ve done some research and can’t find any clear cut mixing practices. Seems like every brand has it’s own mixing instructions.

Also I’m 220lbs, been lifting for 27yrs. I’m 47yrs old. So what would be a good dose selection, 4iu, 6iu per day? Every day or 5 days on 2 days off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What size are the vials? 10Ml?

Hard to advise without further info on the concentraion in the vial. Can you go back and ask your source?

They look like 5ml vials. Definitely not 10ml. Source said 100iu’s of bacteriostatic per vial. It doesn’t come with pre-loaded water vials as some kits do.

don’t go over 5 iu’s in a day is what I hear; to avoid any of the messed up sides like organ hypertrophy and agromegaly…

My buddy does 4 iu’s in the morning mon threw sat for two months. First time he did it he looked sick and went to win his bodybuilding contest. He had all sorts of striations.

Dave Palumbo suggests 2 iu’s a day and if you want to go crazy do 4.

Stuff sounds tempting.

What is 100iu of bac water?

The vials contain 10iu of GH each.

You can add any known amount of water that you want and a 10th of that will be 1 iu of HG.

The problem with tiny amounts of water is the loss of HG in the syringe.

If you add 1ml of water (100iu on an insulin syringe) you can inject 40iu on an insulin syringe to get 4iu etc. A 50iu/.5ml syringe might be best for dose measuring.

When adding water to a peptide hormone (GH, IGF-1, HCG etc) never jet the water into the hormone or shake. Inject slowly letting the water run down the side of the vial. Swirl gently to disolve. Draw into the injecting syringe slowly to not shear the peptides and inject slowly as well. Some peptides need to be refrigerated. I don’t knpw how recon GH reacts. It does not like heat. But in any case, once mixed, those vials are not going to last long.

Spot injections of GH will do mostly nothing for targeted gains. HG needs to get to the liver to get IGF-1 released.


Thats a nice pic^

Thanks guys.
KSman, thanks for the offline help.
Your advice is very helpful.


[quote]Maximus50 wrote:
Anyone puchased HGH that looks like this?
No labeling on the box or vial.[/quote]

Is the stuff in the vial a cake or powder? - should be a cake.

Cake. It stays put where it is in the vial.
I think Bushy’s right. It’s probably Chinese. Source told me the same thing.

I’m pretty sure I have seen the same generic blue tops…the vials will hold 3ml of the BA water…I would rec. adding that so you lose as little of the hgh as possible…I recomnded 2 IU a day (at 3ml’s, thats .6ml per shot) to a close friend, and he loved the results…energy, strength, WAY UP…and he lost 4" on his waist…
good luck to ya.