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HGH Makes You Insulin Resistant?


Hello everybody, I will make the story short. I have lots of HGH in my fridge and i was reading on how to use it...i have done some AS cycles before and everything ok with my health.
NOW, it is known that HGH makes you more insulin resistant, but is it true? Its advisable to take metformin together with carbs in order to help the body movilize the carbs?
OR its even better to add some insulin prior or post workout (when you consume the largest amount of carbs) during a HGH cycle?
Ive never had issues with insulin before, in fact my fasting blood sugar is at 69 mg/d, so I have good insulin sensitivity.

There is little info about these hormones compared to AS, in witch case we all know correct PCTs and how to revert the Hipogonadic effect of AS. But how about the Insulin game? how, if your pancreas stops producing insulin, can you make him work again?( does it even stop by using lets say, 2-4 UI pre/workout?

I think here in this forum is the only place in the world where people has done research and blood tested their bodies in the middle of the cycle, between cycles , etc, so please, if anybody knows something, let us all know!!

To sume up:
Is it a real risk to become diabetic if you use insulin together with the HGH cycle?
Any safe way?
thank you in advance...

Pilo from Chile.


Hey Pilo,

I think you are confused on some facts...the issue with high dose continuous GH use is that it stimulates the receptors very often and decreases the effect that they have to insulin. This can be reversed by eating low carb for a while or by using metformin to decrease the insulin response the body has to carbs for a duration of time to restore the body's sensitivity to insulin. As long as you are getting your glucose levels tested and they are showing fine then you don't have anything to worry about. This happens over a long perioud of time. Your body doesn't just stop responding one day.



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thank you very much BBB, very helpful and clear info, it is really a great thing to have an expert like you helping us.
I understood everything about the GH and how to prevent desensitization to insulin, but what about using insulin during the cycle? I red your post about it and you say that Gh and insulin together give you the best gains you can ever make, but what about the pancreas? Ive heard that T3 and insulin are both hormones you dont want to mess around with because its almost impossible to bring them back to normal(not like the big T, thank god).

For the T3 we all know it has to be a piramidal cycle and hopefully no more than 5 week and a peak of 75mcg wouldnt cause any thyroid issues. Is there any safe way to use the insulin without becoming diabetic??

On the other hand, I heard that using insulin the days you use the GH and high carbs could even HELP the pancreas by not stressing it. makes sense, but does it really work like that? thanks again, BBB,
I look formard to your answer!!


FG, thank you for your answer, I know that the body is a perfect machine and it wont stop responding one day, but what do you think about the insulin use? is it as "safe" as testosterone in the sense of coming out of it and restoring you natural production?(ignoring the fact that you can fall into a hypogycemic coma with overdose of course)

i look forward to your answer, thanks again!!


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BBB I think you need to write a hgh / insulin protocol basics guide so these mods can sticky it. There seems to be a lot of confusion and mixed information out there. Hard to separate good solid info from the bullshit. I've never ran any gh but I know I'd give it a read.

Just sayin


BBB, please dont blame because of my lack of knowledge, here in chile people know shit about insulin, its almost like a taboo among people who knows something about steroids...And the doctors are ignorant too in the insulin usage for muscle purposes(wow thas a new one :wink: )
the only info I can get is Internet, and the truth is, this is the only page where i can find real and usable info about it. So please, if you can give some guidelines i would aprecciate it so much, i dont have another place to get the info...=(

It has been truly difficult to learn about this hormone beacuse as you said there is much more scared people about insulin than any other hormones, and we all know that fear produces ignorance...

Thank you in advance, you dont know the really big help your giving me!


Simple solution: Take HGH on a steroid cycle (bummer).

Steroids increase insulin sensivity, so there you go. :wink:


X100! idk how difficult/time consuming that would be but i would ABSOLUTELY be interested... especially after how you said good quality GH helps your physique i want to give it a go!


x 2...
there is no other way to get real info about this stuff...=s


Some people make a living providing information on physique enhancement to people. Others are kind enough to provide bits of information to point people in the right direction to help educate themselves. Some people do both.


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Yeah, I was just going to say, it's a bit rude to ask someone who studied for years on a topic and is sharing some of that knowledge, to give even MORE of that knowledge, for free no less.

Thanks to BBB for what he's shared.


yes, thats the reason i always thank a lot to anybody who shares some of their info. We are all gratefull of the info that expert people provide. I think thats what the forum is made for.

Nobody is forced to do anything without will, but i cannot hide my exitement about learning something new.
Sorry if anybody found that attitude rude.
Thanks again BBB for the info you are giving us, you dont know how much i appreciate it.


i apologize for my ignorance. i didnt mean any disrespect.


I wasn't referring to you Philosox, for what it's worth.


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