HGH Longer Than 6 Months?

Noob question here…

To keep it short I am wanting to jump on HGH, now besides the $ aspect of it (which I have figured out). How does one stay on something of this magnitude for longer than a 6-month period of time?

Let me know if anyone has answers to this predicament I am pondering.


I don’t understand the question. You said “besides the cost impact”. What is the other issue?

I don’t understand … you just keep on taking it beyond the 6 month mark. For as long as you want

Type onset 2 diabetes… look it up; google it. It’s not recommended you stay on HGH for that long a period of time…

Things like your gut will grow, you can get type 2 diabetes etc…

Are you taking a replacement dose or a bodybuilding dose? For me, I only take 2iu which is a replacement / optimization dose. It keeps me within normal paramaters. If you were taking body building levels yes I could see that possibly happening.

At replacement doses?? 1-2iu per day? I’ve not seen that

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This kind of depends on your goals. If you are taking very low doses (2iu) per day GH for longevity and overall health, there is no reason to ever stop. If you are taking 4-10iu a day then that’s another story. I would not stay on it longer than six months