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HGH Log for the Next 6 Months


Hey what’s up.
Some stats about me I am early 20’s 155-160lbs BS 435, DL 445
Strength based competitor
I have done two cycles in the past the first being Test E with LGD w/PCT and the second being Test E, LGD, anavar, w/ PCT and cardarine. Both being short cycles of 8 weeks
The goal is never to gain weight but to recover better and lift more

I currently suffer from tendinitis so I am hoping to heal that as well as increase my work load

The HGH I will be using is pharmatropin. I won’t name the source but it should be easy to guess or lookup. It came with sterile water in a box with the 10iu vials which was a real life saver

For the first 4 weeks I plan on doing 3iu ED one inject a day. Take a week off because of vacation and then do 3iu ED 6 on 1 off for the course of 6+ months while having another cycle somewhere in the middle of that. All subQ injections.

Quick general overview of my diet on workout days
Morning- Protein Shake w/ water no sugars or carbs
2 hours after HGH- a cup of Quinoa with 2 or 3 eggs plus 2 egg whites+ veggies
PWO meal- 2 bananas, can of coconut water, chicken breast plus quinoa, and an avocado
Post work out meal- Protein shake with fruit
Before bed- Something high in fats with veggies

I will update this log as I notice things like Carpal tunnel, tingles, numbness, less pain, strength, definition

First pin was 11/10/16


Pharmatropin has been tested and was pretty underdosed. Like 1/3 of 10iu was actually in each vial. Just fyi you may only be at 1iu if you’re injecting 3.