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HGH Legality in US?


Is non-prescription HGH legal or illegal in the US?




I'm kind of curious, as I've been looking into TRT the past few months (I have low test levels, but it could be diet related, according to the doctors I've talked to), what substances are legal and OTC in the US?

By substances, I mean:
Steroids (I'm guessing none)
HGH (already answered in this thread, not really relevant to TRT, but interesting to me, none-the-less)
PCT drugs (I don't even really know which drugs these are)
Anti-Estrogen drugs (similar to PCT, in that, to my knowledge, they are used during this period)

I'm trying to read all the stickies as I think I should get a better knowledge base on all of this stuff. That said, I did read them a while ago and I don't recall the legality of the chemicals being mentioned (could be wrong).


All testosterone-based steroids are illegal to purchase without a doctor's perscription.

HHG is legal to prescribe by a doctor only for certain aliments (such as dwarfism and AIDS), but some doctors get away with prescribing it for other reasons as well.

Some PCT drugs and AIs are legal to purchase without a doctor's script in the US as "research chemicals" (i.e. not to be used for human consumption).


Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids: Felony
rHGH: Misdemeanor or Felony (depending largely on state laws)
PCT Drugs (SERMS, AIs): Not Scheduled. Need RX to legally obtain such meds.
HCG: Same.
Anti-Es: Same as Above.

In terms of legal attainment mentioned above: Research Chem sites are a gray area, wherein one can technically legally buy from such a site, only because there is no specific law prohibiting it, and because there is the assertion that such substances are for Laboratory Research only.

Importing RX drugs into the US is illegal, though there do not seem to be clear penalties (or any penalties) for those who have tried to order such drugs as long they are not scheduled, controlled substances. There have been several articles written on the lack of clarity of the law here, so please, do not take my word as gospel. It only appears to me that there has never been a case (other than FDA/Customs seizure) against a citizen trying to import/order non-controlled RX drugs from foreign pharmacies.



I'm just curious, as I've been reading the prohormone thread (I thought they were all illegal, apparently not though) and what strikes me as odd is that some people are able to line up their PCT drugs fairly easily, but then they rely on PH.

If you can get PCT drugs though, why go for PH drugs? I suppose this is individual preference and very subjective, but I was curious if there was a different answer to that. It seems that the consensus is that regular old gear would be the overall best choice (and, in most cases, far less toxic on the liver).

Again, I'd like to stress that I'm just starting my education in this. I'm not at a point to consider any sort of enhancement. So I appreciate the insight.


Saying the term 'anti-e' after talking about SERMs and AIs is misleading. Anti-e is a bullshit term to begin with but differentiating it from SERM and AI is just confusing to sommeone who is looking for knowledge on the subject. Such as the person who asked the question you answered.

Lets be real here. Research chemicals are illegal. If the governemnt wants to prosecute it can easily prove that you are not doing research on animals. The only grey area is that you have no idea what's in the bottle of the research chemical you just bought. Just saying this to be clear to a person who is certainly concerned with illegality. What you wrote there isnt wrong at all, just in the real world there are definitely risks when buying prescription drugs without authorization to do so


I agree: The term anti-E is both outdated, misleading, and incorrect. I repeated it, largely in an attempt to steer the OP from a term, though I did not elucidate this point.

Again, I fully agree: Saying "gray area" to some may indicate legality. In truth, gray area means no specific illegality, which means possible prosecution. The same gray area applies to Finaplix pellets for bovine. Some people, under some conditions, can legally buy and use Finaplix for cattle, and so it is available legally for sale both on the internet and in cattle stores. However, one could easily be prosecuted for it, being that the intended legal use is not met, and instead the illicit use is intended.

I appreciate the clarification, because people can and will misinterpret discussions on legality of importation, possession, etc. and can make serious errors because of this.