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HGH Legal in Canada?


Is HGH legal in Canada?

I can't find it listed in the 'Controlled Drugs and Substances Act'. I'd imagine it'd be under Schedule IV drugs, along with steroids, but it isn't anywhere to be found.

I also checked the Food and Drug Act, and from what I read, it isn't illegal to possess only, only to sell without a license.

Am i missing something here? Or should i start importing HGH right away? I'm just concerned if it's gonna get pinched at Canada customs because I overlooked something.

Here is the controlled drugs and substances act:


And here is the food and drug act:


Help me out, fellow Canadians.


Thats actually interesting. I will ask my lawyer buddy about this later this week. The only thing i might suggest is that it's covered under another act but thats purely speculation.

Oh and i'll send you that email later this week too bro.



thanks bro.


It may not be illegal in the sense that you could go to jail if caught importing it, but however it is a prescription drug, and all prescription drugs are siezed by customs, unless you have a script for it. Remember even steroid possession for personal use in Canada is NOT illegal. It is illegal to purchase, import, and sell them however - basically put it this way, if you randomly got pulled over and searched, and the cop found a few bottles of juice in your possession he might confinscate them if he was an asshole, but legally he could not charge you with anything.


Good Post P-22. Good info to know.


i wonder how you can get that 'script'... you probably need to be a licensed practitioner.

well, that somewhat kills my desire to imprt HGH from china.


My question would be how the authorities draw the line between posession for personal use and posession for the purposes of trafficing. Is it even outlined anywhere, or would it depend on how good your lawyer is?

I have heard on the radio of search warrants being executed for something (i think a grow op was the latest one) and the cops finding steroids as well and charging them for having steroids. So people do get busted for having them in their posession. As for how that held up in court - not a clue.


Its likely all has to do with the amount in possession. Get caught with what seems like a personal amount and nothing will happen. Get caught with what seems like an amount for selling and they will try to through the distribution on you. Then depending on how good your lawyer is will determine your fate.

Regarding the guys that got caught with the stuff in the grow op. I find that its just pretty regular that guys selling drugs have some connection to the steroid market. Its just something else to sell on the black market.

As to the OP question, its not worth your time to try to import it. A lot of it is getting stopped at customs these days.


police would go on rpg's (reasonable and probabl grounds). for example if you were carrying enough supply for only yourself then it is very unlikely that you are trafficking; on the other side of things if you were caught with large quantities, an unusual amount of cash and such of other factors then that would lead the police to have proof of traffiking.


My apologies if this is off topic but I was wondering how a person (newbie with no connections) go about acquiring hgh?

Many thanks!


Go Away.

Many thanks!


A 'newbie with no connections': Prescription or they don't acquire it.

Edit. or what lillguy said


Dumb question.

Message received!

My apologies.


If a person has no connections whether that be a doctor, a "friend", a dealer.. none of these.. then this person doesnt use at all.

By the simple act of you asking, you are trying to stop being that "newbie with no connections" to a newbie with a connect.

This isnt the place to make a connect - so why did you try to do that, it isnt a matter of how you phrase it, it simply is not done.



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