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HGH Laws in Europe


I am going to europe for a week in March and was wondering if anyone could let me know the laws regarding hgh in the european countries. Is there a country that it is legal to buy over the counter? If you know where I can find this info plz let me know.


Well Sly got busted bringing HGH and if you don't have a prescription for it they will more than likely confiscate it if not arrest your for shits and grins.


That was Australia.


Well I live in Albania in southern Europe,and here You can buy steroids in Drug stores without problem....But in other countries is way more difficult


I was going to try to mail it to myself. I will be in the Netherlands in Amsterdam.


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I understand what you are saying I was just hoping some place in Europe would have a more relaxed HGH policy. And as far as mailing it to yourself that has to be about as good as some one else mailing it then you know it was packaged correctly.