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HGH Joint Repair


So im a 48yo male, that lifts 4 days a week, wirh a rash of recent joint injuries. Some docs blame arhritis other just said torn meniscuc, torn labrum, torn rot cuff, and chronic degenerative back (disc) issues. Been on T replacement for 3 years, numbers still low-ish 600, nothing else. Have good muscle mass, but keep hurting my self and its takong months not days to recover. So on to my question will hgh not only help recovery, but can or could or might it help repair, fix or regrow some of my joint deficeciencies? If it can make bones grow, can it regenerate the joints and cartiledge As well?

Ive spoken with a hormone replacement spec out o florida and for a price, a steep price, i think they will send me their own conpounded hgh.
Thoughts? Any other options? Please dont hesitate to pm…
Many thanks!!!


I can’t comment on the GH, but torn labrums, rotator uffs and meniscuc don’t heal without surgery. Especially the labrum. Maybe you should get surgery on all three? Have you had an MRI yet?


MRI on right shoulder, confirmed labrum tear. MRI for other shoulder and knee scheduled for next week. 1st Doc said he saw some degenerative arthritis crap in shoulder with labrum tear and was not excited about surgery do to arthritis. Havnt discussed options with new doc, waiting to get other mri results.
Im thinking if i have a systemic joint issue, maybe GH will slow, stop or fix, otherwise im F’d


Oh yeah. Thanks for input! Feeling abit lost at moment…


Please see the stickies in the TRT forum.


[quote]KSman wrote:
Please see the stickies in the TRT forum.[/quote]

Hi KSman,
I think i’ve read almost every sticky in the trt section, but didnt see anything specifiic to hgh and joints. Maybe i missed it, can you point me at the post you think is relevant?


Correct, nothing re GH there.

GH takes around 6 weeks before one feels benefits. Do not know if joint recovery would show up as less pain in a shorter time frame.

I have osteoarthritis in my hands. Found that 8 naproxen per day did not help, but did mess up kidney lab profile for a while. I find that Meloxicam 15mg once a day has reduced pain, improved joint function and flexibility and reduced swelling. 15mg is a really low chemical load. So this might be helpful. And there are many supplements geared to joints. Meloxicam is cheap. I get 360 doses for $40, cash price, do not involve insurance.

[Know a doc who damaged a knee and was been told to do surgery. He injected GH directly into the joint for a while and seems to be fully recovered. But that was not a case of a worn out joint.]