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HGH, Insulin, and AAS 12 Wk Cycle


I would really appreciate your opinions on this cycle
1200mg test suspension/week
600mg tren acetate/week
400mg Deca Durabolin/week
The AAS cycle is a 12 week cycle

8iu HGH somatropin ED FOR 2 months
6iu insulin Humalog ED only for the second month of HGH IN OTHERWORDS insulin usage will only be for 30 days

Excuse my english it's just that i'm from Egypt and thanks for reading
As for my previous cycles they were 500 to 750 mgs test and 400mg tren ace MAX


Considering the use of Tren and Deca I'm surprised you have no plan for Cabergoline (Dostinex) in the lineup to keep prolactin/progesterone in check.


Agree with the above and also no anti estrogen with that much of test suspension? Have you just not listed your ancillaries?


I will be taking cabergoline 2mg/week
i will also be taking arimidex 1mg/day
thanks for your reply


Can anyone help me out it's just that there is very few knowledgeable BB in Egypt so i wold really appreciate opinions on this subject. thank you


What do you mean by ancillaries ?


He means "non steroids/gH substances" exactly like arimidex or cabergoline.


I'm not comfortable giving advice on insulin. In fact I really wish people wouldn't use it, but again I'm in the minority. As for the gH, why are you only using it for 2 months? That may have a bearing on any advice you get from people.

And also why test suspension? That is a ridiculous frequency of needle injections to keep levels stable.


i know i will be injecting 200mg/day in one single injection for six days a week
As for the HGH i will be running it for 2 months cause that's all i can afford and i'll be using it mainly for it's advantages with insulin when i'm injecting 8iu i guess LOL
BUT plz correct if i'm wrong and thank you for your reply


well it's all i can afford for now regarding HGH i also thought about running it for 3 months of 4iu but i think that using insulin while on 8iu's of HGH ED would yield more gains, but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong and thank you for your reply


i will be using test suspension because i dont like any kind of test with ester because if i had any problem the drug would be out of my system as soon as possible and also because of the fast gains ofcourse


Every day with no days off, is that correct? That seems like not the greatest idea.

If that's true that means you are using 56iu a week or about 224iu a month.

Instead how about 8 iu every other day, split into 3 doses (they do not have to be the same size doses). Meaning, 8 iu injected 3x daily, skip a day, 8iu injected 3x daily, skip a day. Doses would be 1) immediately upon waking 2)pre workout by about 30 minutes 3) post workout immediately.

With this protocol you MUST either use intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV) injection. You CANNOT use a sub skin injection. However, with this protocol you only use 112iu a month, and can run for 4 months.


Great advice i will implement this protocol thank you


JUST TO BE CLEAR--because I realized I typed my last response in a hurry and it looks like something totally wrong, THIS IS WHAT I MEAN--

Monday GH--2 iu wake up, 3 iu pre workout, 3 iu post workout. TOTAL 8 iu. SKIP tuesday no gh, WED--same as monday, THURS, off. FRI--same as monday again.

You are most definitely not to inject 24 ius in one day!