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HGH Injections

When injecting HGH, what is the preferred method of injection, SubQ or IM? I like SubQ, but sometimes get concerned about not hitting the “gap” and injecting into adipose tissue, thus rendering the injection a waste.

Does anyone know what the bio-availability is for HGH in SubQ vs. IM?

Anything that is injected under the skin is not a “waste”. Some people feel that if any AAS is injected into adipose tissue, it is considered “wasted”. By injecting some AAS into fat by accident, all it does is change the release time of the chemical. The same thing goes for insulin. It kind of throws off a chemical’s half-life if it is not injected deep within a muscle (and vice versa with insulin… DO NOT inject it into muscle tissue).

By injecting HGH into fat rather than a muscle, all you are doing is taking advantage of the fat burning properties more… and of course, dosage is a factor as well. Good luck.