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HGH Injection Timing and Surge

ok well im about to start HGH injections… and I was a little confused as to what is the best time to take it … I think I settled for the AM around 7-9am before my workout… if this is not good please some one let me know… also I heard HGH went well with INSULIN now I am getting the HGH legal with DR approval and do not want to inject INSULIN also so I was thinking about taking the HGH right after or before my serving of surge… I read I few times on here that surge caused an INSULIN spike… so bottom line would it be good to inject the HGH in the morning with some surge before my work out … this would be my 1rst time using something like HGH and any help or info form any of you guys ( that know alot more that me ) would be much appreciated Thanx – tony