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HGH Info for Friend

My friend is wondering how long a cycle is recommended for HGH and where to inject plus what needle is used.i tryed to sign outofmy account so he create a account but I can’t see where to log out that’s why I’m asking for him.van someone tell me how to log out

In can be run pretty much up to 16 weeks if you wanted to. I’d dose at 2-4iu and never more than 5iu. Make sure it’s pharmaceutical grade that a doctor would give a patient. UGL is garbage for the most part. It’s also very fragile. The pens are the best option because they are more stable at room temperature.

Pens come with their own needle and can be injected into the fat anywhere in the body. If reconstituting powder, then a 27-31 gauge insulin syringe is your best bet. Again, inject into the fat, usually on the side of the belly button.

What’s your friend’s goal with the GH?

The guy’s going to run an HGH cycle but he doesn’t have a phone or computer of his own? That’s weird.

Anyway, click your Avatar/profile icon on the main page (not in a thread), then click your username. You should see this dropdown menu:

If you had done a little research, you would have found this post i wrote a few months ago.

I tried to tag you as I think of you anytime GH is mentioned but I couldn’t get it to work so I gave up lol

Thanks. I’m still doing 2 iu daily.

I do have to disagree with @galgenstrick, the UGL I get is from China and very good and reasonably affordable. Pharm grade is crazy expensive. In its lyophilized, its pretty stable. Enough so to allow for shipping from China but once reconstituted it does get fragile and has a shelf life of about 21 days in a refrigerator.

It is hit or miss with UGL. I think based on how much pharma stuff costs, one could get IGF-1 blood tests on UGL brands to determine if it is dosed about right and real. Once you find a good source, you save a ton of money.

This is from a blood test taken 4 hours after injecting 4 iu. Pretty good, I think.

Yeah, and you are mid 50s, right? I am just saying that many of the UGLs are fake, but some are legit. With the cost difference (and the fact that even UGL isn’t cheap), that it makes sense to find a good UGL by using lab work.

I would try it. Email me man!

You running a blast now?

Just for your consideration, do a bit of research into MK-677. It is legal to buy in the US, and cheap (costs me about $0.50/day to run 10 mg/day). Research shows it is pretty good at bringing up GH and IGF-1 (like 15 mg per day brought both up by about 80% each in young men with low values for both). It does make me hungry, but I just take it at night so I sleep off the hunger.

I ran peptides before and they are OK but not really comparable to HGH.

Agree. With HGH, you can have whatever level you want. With MK, upping the dose past about 20-25 mg/day won’t do much of anything.

How much does it cost you to run 2 iu/day?

I pay $170/100 iu so $3.40/day

Not terrible. I will probably hold off until I am a bit older for the HGH, or until I get an injury which I think it can help with.

I have noticed better joints with the MK.

Most of us spend more than that on lunch everyday! LOL

Good idea

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I still need to see if the MK is working through blood work. If that works, I’ll ride it out. I have low IGF-1 on all my previous bloodwork (~110 range 90-250). I don’t seem to get much as far as negative sides on it. I will get hungry a bit, but if I take it right before bed it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I don’t bloat on it, or on test (at least so far, last cycle was only 325 mg/wk).

He has his own phone I was just logged in his phone and didn’t know how to log out