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HGH in Thailand - What to Ask a Doctor?

Does anyone know what to ask/ tell a doctor in order to get prescribed HGH?

I am in Thailand and found a hospital that offers this treatment, but not sure what i should tell the doctor my reason for needing it is. The last thing I want to do is pay for a doctor visit and walk out empty handed.

I was planning to tell them it was for treating a shoulder injury, along with my under developed chest and leg muscles, but I’d like to have something more solid if needed.

They do take a blood panel and my testosterone will test high, but I’m not sure if that will matter.

Anyone have any suggestions here? Trying to avoid possible fake gear in Phuket so wanted to go the hospital route

Tell the doctor you need HGH to help recover from all the beatings you’re taking from ladyboy prostitutes. It’s Thailand, they’ll understand.

But seriously, no idea what to ask. Maybe find someone who’s gone that route and see what they did? Or maybe just slip the doctor a few extra hundred baht and see what happens.


Isn’t gear sort of OTC in Thailand? A legal grey area similar to that of cannabis/psilocybin/mescaline in the Netherlands? From what I recall though there’s also an issue with counterfeit/fake product too, however look around and one should be able to find legitimate HGH in a market so open/flooded with it

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There is rumor of fake products so I would rather be safe than sorry

There is bunk/underdosed product, I don’t know about outright fake