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HGH, IGF-1, Some AAS


Hi all, longtime lurker, firstime poster.

I searched for a thread like this before posting but couldn't find anything along the lines of what I was looking for.

I am planning on doing a cycle of HGH, IGF-1, and some type of AAS. I was wondering if I could get some help planning the cycle, along with a PCT.

In terms of the AAS I'm looking to add good strength without a ton of weight or size. I was considering Test Susp/Prop at first but now I am leaning towards Anavar. I am planning on running the GH/IGF-1 upwards of 15 weeks but I'm not sure exactly how long with the Anavar/PCT so that's where I was looking for the guidance.

Thanks in advance everyone who gets a chance to reply.


GH for 15 weeks?

Thats an utter waste.

4-6 months bare minimum is acceptable.


Thanks bonez I can do that. Any advice with the AAS and PCT?


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Obviously. That applies to anything though. You can use a gram of test per week for 5days or 5 years but if you dont lift weights or eat proper it will be a complete waste.

Cost/effect ratio has to favor longer term use though. IMO.

I guess 15 weeks is only a week shorter than my 4-6 month minimum recommendation. My advice should have been, use GH for as long as you can afford it.