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HGH & IGF-1 - Increased Chance of Cancer?


I really wanted to do hgh year round at 3iu 5 days aweek and IGF-1 when I am offcycle inroder to keep most gains from cycle. From all the research I have done it appears that Hgh will cause acromegaly and IGF-1 is directly correlated to increasing the chance of cancer. are there any other substitutes? I was also thinking about blast and crusie however due to my young age (22) I don’t think it is appropriate for me and I want to do a PCT and get normal test levels back. any thoughts?

Also is there a safe dose of hgh at which acromegaly can be avoided?

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@ cnobari
imo at your age (mine too) there is no justifiable reason to be using hgh outside doctor’s orders or unless you’re IFBB?.

  1. AAS is considerably cheaper
  2. IMO it is more effective-immediately
  3. gains from cycles can be kept with proper pct, training + DIET.
  4. GH is something you could look forward to when you are older, when your body does not produce a steady supply of horomones (your body is doing this right now, this very moment, believe it or not).

Outside of my .02, for any questions regarding peptides, you already have caught the attn of BBB.

btw how many cycles have you run cno?


If I’m not mistaken IGF-1 could cause a tumor to grow faster than it normally would. It would not cause a tumor buy itself but if you already had one it could make it grow faster. I have been doing a lot of reading on IGF and that?s my take anyway.