HGH-Humatrope Advice Please

Hello, I have been lifting for about 6 years and went from about 170 to 205 , with about 10 percent body fat, then I went from 205 to about 215 with about 13 percent body-fat. After the past year, the lifting has been inconsistent and the body fat has increased to about 20 percent at 225.

I was curious has to what effects humatrope would have on my body in both postive and negative ways and at what suggested dosage and time I would need for results… Hypothethically speaking, consider the price and availability not of importance in your reply.

Also, I am 21 years old, never taken any anabolic substance nor prohormone. I am looking to lose this fat asap with the help of humatrope can it be done easily, provided that, the lifting is 5 days a week with cardio 7 days.


In my opinion I dont think you need to run hgh yet. I think you need to get your diet and training back in order first that way you get the most out of you run with growth.

Positive effects of growth will be increase in muscle mass and reduction in body fat if your training and diet are in check. negative side effects with be some numbness in your wrist.

For your first run with hgh I would use 2 ius a day everyday for minimum of 6 months. Some people will tell you 21 is too young for growth and aas in general. I personally say have at it.

Hope this helps.

I for one would drop the GH and do an 8 week test E cycle, if you’re dead set on using some form of chemical enhancement. Just seems like you might have better results for way less money, and since you’re 21, I’m sure you could save a few bucks. (Even though you said disregard price.)

That said, I’ve seen pretty good results with using Carbolin 19 at full dose, also, HOT-ROX is pretty damn effective, IME. In case you’d like to start some ‘edge’ without resorting to AAS or GH yet.

Yeah unless you have a retardedly good price for hgh I would say save it for later. IMO aas is kinda like the first thing you would use in addition to solid training and nutrition applied on a consistent basis for several year and prefferably not until the person (men only for aas imo unless you are getting paid) is in there mid 20’s. Opinions are like assholes though.

Good advice on sticking to the 2 iu dose to get you body used to things. Still imo hgh is not remotely necessary at this time. BTW respectable progress so far, why is you training so shitty lately?

Gh takes a while to work so it will not be a fast fix
Down sides, bloat in all joints, so knees, elbows shoulders and your wrist will hurt. Any underlying problems you may have that you don’t know about (cancer, tumors and the such) will be magnfied and grow at a faster rate then normal

Plus side, aas enlarges your musle tissue, gh makes more muscle tissue. It will magnify any thing you do (aas, eca stack and the sort)
It can add in joint repair be it tendons or ligiments ove a longer time period. The best cycle for gh is 4months to a year.

You should ramp up from 2ius for about 2 weeks then increase 1iu every week after. 3 days a week (m/w/f) has worked best for me.
Anywhere from 4 to 10 iu is normal depending what your trying to do. Fat lose would be on the low side, body changing, the high side.

Do a search for red baron hgh, he has a kik ass thread on gh.
I would not suggest gh at 21, I would even wait a few yrs for aas. Your young enough that if feed and trained right you will do it. Using gear this early will stunt your potenial down the road.

Good luck


Thanks for all your prompt responses they are greatly appreciated. To answer your question WideGuy, my training is so shitty because it is my last year of undergrad and I am applying to medical school so that process is extremely stressful and poor eating habits have become a coping mechanism/stress reliever. The thing with the humatrope is that , again hypothethically speaking, i would get it for free from someone with no use for it anymore.

This is why this is a weird situation, if I dont use the humatrope, in fact, it would go to waste. Thus I am in this fucked up situation of, if I should use it or not. Flextronics , I think what you said is right though I need to just get on track so I can get the most out of what I am taking ( if i take something). However, if I do have underlying problems and if there is a risk of cancer and…etc then I dont know…

The information about HGH is really limited out there as well, I am trying to find more information about it magnifying things like cancer, tumors, and etc.
Also, I am looking to find before and after pictures of individuals solely taking HGH but it seems like that is limited as well.

Anyway, I am going to consider your words and still think about what I should do. My body prior to this year was on a different level, to go to my level of fat now is depressing and a horrible feeling. That is the thing about bodybuilding, its hard enough to get to a good level, but its so much harder to stay there.

Don’t make important decisions when you’re depressed. You’re having a hard time now, but you’re only 21. You can fix your eating and get back on track. If you rush into this you may regret it.