HGH Help

Need help with a work out plan. I have nine vials of injectable HgH. I am doubtful i will “find” any more. I am a novice gym rat but would like to take advatage of the help since i have it.

I think its about 2 months worth but can’t be sure. I appreciate any one with experience or expertise putting in their two cents worth about how I can best use it for max gains.

Chris in KC

If you are a novice gym rat (your words) why would you want to mess around with “hard” chemicals? Steroids and other performance enhancing compounds (of the illegal type)have their place. But not with someone who first, has no idea how to use them and second isn’t already well trained, well fed and extremely disciplined. Unless you are eating proper (massive)and lifting extremely heavy, you won’t get anything out of them except side effects. There is no free path to chemical induced superman. That only exists in the minds of congress and fools like you.