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HGH Held at LA Customs


Hey guys, so I ordered 2 gh kits from China through what I was told was a legit site from a reliable source. The order was small. Only 200 iu. But the tracking said it was being held at LA customs and has been there for a month. I haven't received a customs letter or heard from TNT shipping so I'm a little curious. I get that my stuff is gone but I'm still wondering about the customs letter or the aftermath for that matter. Anyone had anything like this happen and can explain to me? Thanks guys


swat will be raiding your house at any minute


Well that would sure be a waste of government time and money over 2 kits of gh. What's the point of posting on a forum if you have nothing to say related to my question?


Its kind of a dumb question to be honest. your stuff either got siezed or its just taking a while. Youll just have to wait. If you get a letter dont respond to it or anything like that. You may need to find a different address for international purchases in the future.


your first mistake was ordering HGH through a website.