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HGH Has Been Life Changing


I wanted to start an HGH thread because for me HGH has been life changing. Post your dose, protocol, and results.

For me it:
1) Returned sexual function to normal. (From zero to normal in a month. TRT alone did nothing.)
2) Low grade depression gone.
3) Very fresh taste in my mouth all the time. Feels like I just left the dentist.
4) The "male member" is noticeably more healthy. Flacid size is double.
5) Recovery time from physical and mental stress is awesome. Thoughts are much faster.
6) If you're on any other medication be aware that it will make those meds more effective and you may have to drop your dose.

My dose is 3iu every other day. I've played around with several brands and there are definate differences. I'm on a generic now and it's very strong. I had to drop my dose from 4iu to 3iu every other day. The only side effect I have is a little fluid retention in my joints. My hands are stiff (not painful) in the morning. Overall I wouldn't give this stuff up for anything.

If TRT alone doesn't do the trick add HGH. I think MANY issues can be fixed with a combo of the two. Sexual function seems to be the major thing it will repair. It makes me wonder if all of my other organs were in that poor of shape.


Did you go through an anti-aging clinic (and hence $$$$$)? I gave up on regular docs and am going to an anti-aging guy in September.


I'm going an "alternative" route for HGH and my family doctor is on board with TRT. HGH in the US is way to much. My TRT and HGH costs under $200 a month.


Awesome man, congrads


brent at that dosage is not keeping plasma levels stable. 1 ius every day before the morning would be the best not to throw off your natural production


TRT is still going "ok" for me but I am still tired, recover slowly and low grade depression. Think this might be the next thing my doc adds on.



Latest theory going is that you need some time off at least 48 hours, either some sort of EOD or 5/2 program to keep natural production going.

I.E., 24 hours between injects is not sufficient time if your injecting every day, day in day out for months without no break.

Although I would simply skip exogenous GH myself and use peptides such as GHRH and GHRP.


FT3/FT4 levels?

Dhea levels?

E2 levels?


Have you noticed any difference in your fat %? Thanks....


All good on all of those. He said he was not sure how reliable igf-1 tests were so he thought about a trial run of GH.


Did TRT make some improvement for you? I am just curious because I sent two other guys to my urologist and they both sleep like a baby now and are losing fat and gaining strength and neither are on hcg yet, both are on an AI though.

Doc seems to think maybe GH will help my adrenals recover along with hydracortisone.


I would say HGH has the potential to fix MANY issues that are relsated to degenerative conditions. It's been simply amazing. Before HGH I had zero results from TRT but now life is great. On the negative side you really have to watch your E2 because it also makes you more sensitive to E2. I never had any gyno issues but developed sensitive nips after adding hgh. I just upped the Adex dose and problem solved.

I can't stress this enough. If your labs are perfect and you aren't getting results with TRT try adding HGH.

rfish- TRT did zip for me. I put on some weight but what I was trying to fix was sexual function and mild depression. Adding HGH fixed those issues. Sexual function and libido are back to 21 year old levels.


Ironically sexual function is the only thing I have, but no energy for the task. Along with mild depression and recovery is so bad I could maybe get in 1 workout a week...


I am currently on trt for several months and feel a little better was considering adding hgh. I spoke with my MD and he isnt willing to prescribe(suprise suprise). I really think i would benefit from a small dose but am having a difficult time obtaining it. The experience you guys talk about only reinforces my desire to get some... Thanks.


Even if my doc does perscribe it I am not sure I could afford it. Last time he was talking about ghrp-6 and cjrc, which I understand works well but just not as well as real GH.


I tried the peps and straight HGH and my opinion is if you want to inject three times a day the peps are fine. If you'd like a better result injecting every other day than use straight HGH. The price is about the same.


brent, how did you get set up with HGH doctor, and how did you know to get HGH therapy? Was it labs/bloodwork etc that indicated it?
Am on TRT, bloodwork is fine, but still lack energy, and some mild depression. Doc not wanting to treat it with AI or HGH. I am only 40, but have had low test for years and testosterone supplements didnt work for me. I am only now getting weight/muscle gain I should have had years ago and wondering how to get HGH therapy. From what you mentioned, it would resolve the issues I am having.

Also, how did you dial in your AI? I have liquidex, and was using 0.5ml of a 1mg/ml solution every time I injected (50mg test cyp x 2 weekly), but it seemed to make things worse rather than better. do you just count drops from the dropper?

any help would be appreciated and if anybody can recommend a good HRT/anti aging doc in San Diego....


Well I'm my own HGH Dr. My family Dr was impressed enough with my knowledge to write my TRT scripts but like everyone else I'm on my own with HGH. Doctors seem to run for the hills when you ask about HGH. As for liquidex it didn't work for me. Arimidex in the pill form works well though and I just split the pills into .25mg.

Personally I feel labs are useless for a number of reasons. I go strictly by how I feel and not a # on a piece of paper. Experiment with doses and get to know your body and how different levels feel. For HGH I never ran an IGF-1 lab because I feel it's pointless. You can have high IGF-1 and low HGH pulses or low IGF-1 and high HGH pulses. There is no way to know what HGH is going to do for you without trying it. I tried it, it repaired my sexual function, and problem solved. If I were to run labs that came back "normal" I would still be scratching my head. I feel the same way about T labs. If your body isn't right keep adjusting.

Don't feel bad. I'm 36 and my sexual function was toast at 27. I think a nasty snowmobile crash totally screwed my hormone balance. I had a severe concussion and was never the same since. Today all is well.


3 severe head injuries for me, ct scans show normal pituitary but my endo says it just functions at a low level overall.


Thanks for your insight Brent, I greatly appreciate it. I will start the search for the Anti-aging docs here in San Diego this week! If I knew it was by feel and the labs didn't really reflect the true story, man...I wish I knew this years ago! Again, many thanks.