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HGH Growing Gyno?


Coach Thibs, In your experience and knowledge as a coach have you ever heard of HGH.Growing a exsisting Gyno lump?

thanks for your time



No, but what can happen is that hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is relabelled as HGH (both come in a white powder that has to be diluted) and sold worgfully as hGH with a hefty profit margin!

hCG is basically a hormone that increases fertility. In men it incrases production of testosterone but also estrogen to some extent, which can cause gyno.

There is an easy way to know if a bottle of HGH is really re-labelled hCG: put a few drops of the liquid on a home pregnancy test. If the test is positive you have hCG, not HGH (because hCH is used to detect pregnancy).

However there is the possibility that hGH will create the illusion of making pre-existing gyno worse, because it can load to water retention and will give you a puffy look.


thanks thib's. the stuff i have is 100% HGH and not HCG thanks for the tips though i never thought of testing it like that :wink:

its just my gyno lump seems to have flared up ie:"slight" swelling and pain, i wondered if it was through the HGH or the other " compounds"

after your post im guesing its the other compounds. Would aromasin 25/D be sufficent to get the lump back under control?



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