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HGH Fragment 177-191


Does anyone have any experience with this?

I cannot find much (seemingly reliable) information on this peptide, but have access to it for a very good price.

I did a search on this site but couldn't get into the threads for some reason. I copied and pasted the following from the website of the source:

The HGH Fragment is a modified form (Figure 1) of amino acids 177-191 at the C-terminal region of the human growth hormone (hGH).

Investigators at Monash University discovered that the fat-reducing effects of GH appear to be controlled by a small region near one end of the GH molecule. This region, which consists of amino acids 177-191, is less than 10% of the total size of the GH molecule and appears to have no effect on growth or insulin resistance. It works by mimicking the way natural hGH regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on blood sugar or growth that is seen with unmodified hGH. Like unmodified GH, the HGH fragment 177-191 stimulates lipolysis and inhibits lipogenesis both in laboratory testing and in animals and humans. The HGH fragment does not appear to affect appetite.

In laboratory tests on fat cells from rodents, pigs, dogs, and humans, the HGH fragment released fat specifically from obese fat cells but not from lean ones, reduced new fat accumulation in all fat cells, enhanced the burning of fat. In rodents (rats and mice), HGH fragment reduced body fat in obese animals but, enhanced fat burning without changing food consumption or inducing growth (as it does not increase IGF levels) or any other unwanted hGH effect.

Can anyone share their experiences and advise on dosing please?


LilyGuns had a log he was putting together on this stuff. I would try and search for it. The log never really finished and I tried following up with him but never got a response.


I've heard great things about Frag 177-191, bump.



I've not used this source before but the prices are less than half of what my other supplier charges. I have a bottle of HGH fragment, GHRP-2 (which I've not tried yet) and CJC to compliment the RP-2; not sure if it will compliment the fragment though?

EDIT: I've spoken to someone and decided to go with the GHRP-2 and CJC.


I started the GHRP-2 and CJC (from a source of unconfirmed quality but prices are the same as Ebay sellers with like 100 + positive reviews so I'm guessing although there is a risk the price I paid is 'industry standard').

I've not used GHRP-2 before of CJC (only GHRP-6) I am pretty sure it was real becuase I literally felt leaner in less than 12 hours of my first shot (evening time 100mch CJVC and 200mcg of GHRP-2) I also did my usual dose of MT2 (100mg) at the same time, NOT all in the same syringe but within the same 5 minutes, all three in sub Q shots. This was Thursday evening.

Not long after I felt a little nauseous and had a slight headache which I put down to the MT2 so did another two shots of each at the same dose on Friday. I felt like shit yesterday: lethargic, nauseaus and had a constant dull headache and had no sex drive whatsoever (which was more likely a consequence of the headache rather than a direct side effect I'm guessing). Obviously I didn't pin anymore Saturday and slept quite well last night and feel somewhat better now.

What I do know is that GHRP-6 alone doesn't cause me any problems, and MT2, whilst it does cause some side effects isn't a problem for me either as they soon dissapear - although I have NEVER experienced the libido increasing side effects from it - the only positive side effect I get is the tan, the rest are negative but short lived. So, I can only attribute the last couple of days problems to the CJC and or GHRP-2. Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be the quality of the product? Can GHRP-2 tank libido? I read that it can increase prolactin temporarily but have not heard this here (or cannot remember hearing it here).

Any feedback appreciated guys.


I like the GHRP/CJC combo. Im cutting right now and its making my add mass while making me considerably leaner. Plus its so damn cheap why not run it? I suggest checking out ergopep dot com, owned by Phil Hernon. Cheapest source ever and extremely high quality. Good luck


You need to dose HgH-Frag on a empty stomach 4-5 times a day for best results. a dosage of 150-200mcg 4-5x\day is a great dosage, just start of low listen to your body and increase from there.
Do not mix the cjc\ghrp with hgh-frag you will just be wasting the frag, Dose it about 1 or 2 hours later.

Also for morning cardio cjc\ghrp works better than frag so use that first.



Thanks for this guys. My new CJC and GHRP-2 is in the fridge now.

How much CJC do you guys use in relation to your GHRP doses and do you use CJC with every dose of GHRP?


Yes i use cjc with every ghrp dosage (if you can afford it do that)

100\100 of both is the saturation dose

i use 100mcg mod-grf with 125mcg ghrp2 3x\day (morning,afternoon,bedtime)



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Thanks; just to clarify, 100mcg of GHRP-2 is the saturation dose, and the same for CJC? So it is pointless doing more anyway? more frequency is obviously the key...


only his Folli was tested as containing no folli, as did every other source claiming to have folli. because ghrp is so easily made and is widely availiable i would assume its authenticity, but then again, i dont test these myself. A majority of the peptide companies receive their peps from the same biotech manufactuer anyways so is bascailly all the same stuff


I wouldn't say its pointless it will still give you a bigger pulse, but your right you will be wasting some. I have dosed it higher for only a couple of days, But have no way of checking cortisol levels.

Be careful with MT2 don't use too much like i first did, my finger nails stayed brown and looked so disgusting for months after use. Soon i will be running it with very low dosage 2x a week to gradually get the tan i desire.