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HGH FRAG 176.191


I have recently decided to give this peptide a go and see if the hype about its foretold fatolss is true. I wanted to post a smei log of my exp with the peptide and get any feedback from ne one who has used it b4. I knwo that there is not alot of info out there on this peps use and results so I want to contribute. I have come into possesion of two 5 mg vials. My dose protocol is 300 mcgs pre am cardio(90mins) and 200 mcgs b4 bed)

I have started the frag 3 days ago and while I do not notice any obvious fatloss I have noticed that my fat stores are become looser. it kinda feels like a watery bloat after a huge carb cheat meal ( im on low carb -30g perday). My thoughts were it could be the fat being freed up to be burnt, lol i dont know wishful thinking.

I also have a large quantity of GHrp-6 on its way which I will begin as soon as it arrives, the thought also crossed my mind to stack clen with the frag so see if a synergisitc effect would take place.

If any one is interested in this let me know