HGH Frag 176, 191 and Ghrp 6

I was thinking of running this cycle and I was curious to see if anybody had any experiences with either of these two peptides. My goal at the moment is fatloss, hence the Frag 176 (foretold to have great fatloss properties), unfortunately there is not alot of info out so any help would be appreciated.

no body has tried this?

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LOL you werent supposed to connect the two forums… I think I have it figured out, I posted this b4 my most recent blood test in which we discovered that the hcg trt did not work at all and the 1 grain dessi thy only improved my tsh by .2- t still 189L (800L-1000L) and tsh 1.9 (2-4)…I figured the trt was working because og my better moods, this was only because the hcg was compounded with b12, this is why I did not think that the low tes and thy were still a problem. We have revised my trt and going with t gel/600 mcg of hcg and 2 grains thy…and I agree BBB, manipulation of your OWN system is key,learning the ins and out of your own body. I just wish my body would cooperate with me lol.

On the other hand I have already placed an order for the fragment and I dont want to go to waste even if I hold off on using it for a while until the t can have a significant effect, so for future reference is there any dosing protocols or exps you might have that would be helpful?