HGH for Women

I have been working out for five years now. I consistently do an hour of cardio four to five times a week plus strength training three times a week. Although I am in shape I dont seem to get the cuts that you would expect from these workouts.

Two personal trainers in the gym have highly recommended me to use Human Growth Hormones to achieve my goals. I have done quite a lot of research on this subject but since this forum is very knowledgeable I would really like to have your input. Is it worth it?

The “cuts” from those work-outs will ultimately yield results as a result of your diet, not your training habits. When I come close to taking physical fitness tests, I get to where I’m running 5 miles per day, 6 days a week for a month. Do you think that guarantees me ripped abs? Of course not; the primary cause of that is one’s diet.

Those personal trainers sound dubious at best if they’re just telling you to go out and buy HGH without first recommending a nutrition specialist.

But they have recomended I go to a nutritionist which I did and it helped some. They told me that now i should try seeing a doctor who will check my blood and do all the necessary tests bin order to check my levels for a 36 year old and give me a prognosis. Thanks so much for your input.

as Contrl wrote the solution is in your diet non in AAS or drugs neither on training.

Check this out.


Diet is key, but the problem is finding a diet that suits your body. Usually go high protein and either high carbs / low fat or high fat/low carbs. Carbs and fats will be the determining factors wether you are ripped or not.

Alternatively you could be undereating and your body doesn’t have enough muscle to withstand those 1 hour cardio sesions 5 days per week. Have you tried changing your routine to 4 days per week and doing 3 days of hard cardio and 1 day of rest?