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HGH for Surgery/Injury Recovery


Hello guys,

I had arthoscopic hip surgery a while back for impigement and I'm interested in trying HGH to help me recover/get stronger. I am pretty sure I can get a prescription from a doctor. My questions are two:

  1. If you have a Rx, where do you go for HGH? What are some legitimate sources? I'm not looking for anything shady, but I'm also not sure I feel comfortable strolling into my neighborhood CVS/Walgreens? Are there any online pharmacies that people have had good experiences with?

  2. Also, has anyone had good experiences with HGH for injury/surgery recovery?


A pretty recent study found that, if you’re talking about a tendon-to-bone repair, HGH is actually detrimental to healing. (In tendon-only healing, and other cases, it might be beneficial, though.)


There’s a summary of the study, but you can Google more on it.