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HGH for Repair and Healing post Cervical Fusion

Hi, im hoping some of you with real experience will be able to shed some light on this.
I have been seriously looking at doing HGH for the point of promoting healing and repair.

I have cycled several ‘normal’ anabolics in the past. I had a pretty bad car wreck and had to have my c5c6 disc removed and fused.

I have read some pretty awesome results on forums of guys with hgh.

My question is i am about 4 months post op and astill dont have complete fusion. I read some guys on hgh same surgery were fused in 6 weeks.

So how much would a legitimate dosage be?
I have read anywhere from 1iu to 6iu to 8 iu a day.
The guys i train with say 1 to 2 iu a day. But i want to get some other information.

One its expensive. Two i dont want to do any irreparible damage.
I understand i will be on it for 6 months minimum. More like a year.
My target being ignorant, is 2iu dayly 5 days a week.

Any advice or answer would be so appreciated this surgery is tearing my life up.

I got deca and t, and dbol and winny waiting to stack. But im not lifting until my neck feals better. So i want to start the GH asap.

Please let me know if you have any info.


talk with InTheZone, he used a HGH protocol for helping his recovery from shoulder surgery…I am sure he can point you in the right direction.

Type in HGH in the search bar and have a look over a few of the recent threads (or just scroll through the forum), there have been a number of threads on this recently.

One big issue we have been discussing lately is the idea that the method you use to inject HGH may well greatly affect its efficacy (specifically SubQ vs. IM [vs. IV])

If you want advice on a specific protocol such as your own, research these threads and get back to us with a couple of cycle suggestions and we’ll be more willing and able to help you out.

I will say I know of a couple of guys who’ve used a pretty miniscule amount for some pretty terrific injury repair results.

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