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HGH for Quicker Fracture Repair?

I recently fractured the base of my Tibia just above the ankle while playing sport. I am currently three weeks into a cycle of 750mg test ent. My performance in terms of fitness and speed had also recently peeked after lots and lots of work so this injury is a real f*** up for me.

I would like to continue with the cycle however I was also throwing around the idea of HGH or IGF-1 to speed up the repair of the fracture. My thinking is that this will encourage new cell growth of none soft tissue.

I have an appointment in the hospital next week so I could probably ask them however I also recognize there is a lot of very knowledgeable and educated people on this form. This is my second cycle. Age:21, Weight:100kg
Thanks for your comments in advance.


HGH and IGF-1 should speed up healing pretty significantly as it will increase bone density.

21 may be a little young to see much benefit from HGH supplementation though.

You should still have very high natural levels, and you would need a significant amount of HGH to see noticeable effects beyond what you could naturally produce.

Will it help ? Yes.

Will you need a very large amount to notice the effects ? Also Yes.

Do I think its worth it ? Not really.

Your still young, you heal extremely fast compared to someone whos 35-40+, I would save your money.