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HGH for Nagging Injury?


Hey ppl, this is my first post, i made this account so i could get some help with this. When i was 17 i tore my labrum playing football and didnt have surgery until the end of the season. my surgery went well but doc said alot of cartilage is gone and i pretty much just have to deal with it.

I’m 21 now and have tried a few times getting back into lifting. It prevents me from doing certain exercises, i can normally bench ok with some pain and rubbing but mainly I cannot squat at all because of position of the shoulder. Any weight that actually works my legs hurts my shoulder too much, i feel like im just making my problem worse. I dont want be a couch potato but I dont want to be top heavy with chicken legs either. I used to powerlift a bit in highschool before my injury, and my best and favorite lift was squatting, im not as much into bodybuilding as I am into lifting for strength. So if I can’t squat i find it really hard to be motivated to even work out at all…

So to get to my question, would HGH injections be helpful for my shoulder? The main issue is with cartilage. I have researched this a lot and guys say that it has helped them but they are usually running multiple things, I wanted to know more specifically for me what kind of HGH and what dosage would be good for me? im 5’8’’ 165 lbs ,21 years old.

From what read I should do it for at least 6 months to 1 year. Should I do it everyday instead of 5 on 2 off? Also i know there are some wild side effects but if im not taking as large doses as prof bb then do i really have to worry about my organs growing (intestines)???

I have already tried a shit ton of stuff like rehab exercises, yoga, I take vitamins, glucosamine and some shit called joint fuel capsules. It helps but i still can’t squat.
I have looked into Prolotherapy but unfortunately in MS there arent any physicians doing that yet.

So guys please help me out, preferably some guys with experience taking HGH, is there anything i should be taking with it? Insulin? I’m a total noob and never injected anything into my body, The way im looking at it is if 6 months wont hurt me and i have the money for it atm then why not. It’s mainly for the injury but i wouldnt mind gaining some muscle losing fat, and possibly growing an inch or two lol.

Why or why shouldn’t I? anything else i should take? how should i go about it?

sorry for the long post and grammar, thanks so much for suggestions guys!


Sorry man don’t know much about growth hormone for injuries. If it’s only squats you are having issues with this seems a bit extreme

The SSB (Safety Squat Bar) sounds perfect for you. If you don’t know what it is google it.

Theres a big dude named Alex Simon who does MMA and Powerlifting and does SSB a lot to save his shoulders. Still squats high 300s-400kg.

Access to an SSB is nice. You can also buy one. Straps and a bar pad/tampon can replicate the safety squat bar


I looked into that squat bar and it really does look perfect haha! Unfortunately I am a college guy living in an apartment so I have to rely on the local gym I don’t have any of my own stuff. I watched a video of a guy doing it with straps and it made me nervous just watching it! Seems like it would be pretty unstable especially once you got up there in weight. I’ll def remember the SSB for when I can get my own set up or I might ask my gym if I bought one could I keep it there. Thanks for the suggestion man!

And let me clarify too while I can do most exercises besides the back squat. I can definitely feel my shoulder wearing away more and more. In 5-10 years I might not be able to bench or pull ups. And later in life I’ll probably need a full shoulder replacement at this rate.

I’m still hoping somebody will get on here that has some experience with HGH affecting their injuries?

I think I’m gonna go ahead and order a small amount and get it tested to make sure I’m not gonna be wasting my money on some bunk shit.

I’ve also been looking more into prolotherapy but if I were to do that I would have to wait until Christmas break so I could travel out of state for it. Also that would cost thousands…from what I’ve read at least 3 grand. I don’t think insurance would cover any of it but they’ll cover the cost of a complete replacement later that could be 20,000? Such a bullshit world we live in.


I know its late, but have you looked into any other peptides? Google BPC157 and TB500


After 15 years of powerlifting and breaking numerous records in the bench press my shoulders were getting tired and I was looking at a cleanup surgery sooner than later.

I gave HGH a run recently as some surfaced. I’ve run it a few times in the past with great success.

I can tell you nearly all of the pain, as in 90+ percent is gone and I’ve ben off the HGH for while now.