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HGH for Injuries


I was wondering if anyone could help me out regarding information on the effectiveness of HGH for treating injuries such as pattelar tendonitis, shoulder cuff problems and skin problems such as stretch marks?

I have seen various video comments and online posts where people talk about using it for these type of things but I am not sure of the validity of the claims.

I have probably spent more on fecking coco butter in the last two years than I would shooting some GH into my stretchmarks. I really don't care about what I look like too much, hell I don't even shave my gorilla chest, but not having 7 inch marks on my stomach would be kinda cool.


HGH is great for injuries such as the first two... For the stretch marks in not so sure but many do report healthier looking skin so take ot for what it is.


gH is known to give you that 3D look.


Topical tretinoin and chemical peels help remove scars


Threre is a million products out there for stretch marks.. Check med spas in your area.. They sell skin cream with some HGH activators in it..They also have all kinds of laser treatments to deal with it if you have the cash.. Med spa bro

Im about to start my healing cycle just had shoulder surgery yesterday...heres what Im doing...

HGH 4ius/32 units per ED
Test Cyp 100mg/1cc Weekly
B12 1cc E3D

Coral calcium, fish oil, multi vitamins

clean low fat protien high like 60%, I'll probably eat at 10-20% abbove maintenece cals to promote healing, and take advantage of HGH protien synthesis benifits

WO routine.. low impact cardio bike, walking, eliptical, maybe some bodyweight stuff.. Bassically just trying to stay at weight during healing..

Doc says 8-12 weeks to heal lets see if this can shave a few weeks off with this plan :wink: