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HGH for Hair Loss and Acne Scarring?


Hey guys,
I was just wondering if anyone noticed improvements as far as acne scarring or hair regrowth while running HGH. I am running it for the muscle recovery but would like to know if I can expect any of those benefits as well or if it’s just myth?


HGH is pretty amazing stuff. For me, it did improve scarring from acne and other scars as well. It works miricales on your joints. IT will make existing hair more healthy, not regrow.

It does nothing notable for muscle recovery.

Skin health overall will improve.

I like to start at 10iu a day and then asses the strength by monitoring side effects, primarily hand numbness and swelling/water retention.

I’ve had HGH I comfortabley ran at 10iu and others I’ve had to back down to 5iu per day to reach a perfect dose.

I’ve never run less than 5iu ED and wouldn’t waste my time.