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Hgh for Cutting


Ok first off major new to this stuff and really looking for someone or people to really help me out. I am very new and seek help. Don't really wanna get blasted by everyone on my lack of knowledge. Just want guidence and that's were going to learn from.

I have questions about dosage and times when to take it. And questions about possibly mixing in aas with it.
I have been running hg for about three months now. And wanting help and more info.
Like I said I don't want a big long tongue lashing from all you pros. Just a guy looking for someone to lend me his knowledge. Thanks and hope to here from someone soon.



0,026 iu per kg of bodyweight every other day works, sub-q injections in the mornings so you don't mess with your natural pulse.
mixing aas with it will have synergistic effect, but it does have an effect on your glucose tolerance.

read more. and stay away from generic/fakes - this stuff is counterfeited a lot and it can not be made without expensive tools...
Therefore you must buy real pharmaceutical hgh, prepare your wallet...

this is a very expensive cutting drug, but it is high quality muscle builder if used properly and relatively side effect free