HGH for Achilles Injury?

Hello, I didnt use my left ankle fully due to an undiagnosed tumor for four years, now removed which now has led me to a very small Achilles when compared to my right. I recently hurt it running (feels like a sprain). has anyone have any help healing tendons with HGH. I am 23 (on trt, have some knowledge about hormones).Would doing hgh cycle help heal it?

Hard to say. Reportedly it does help many with tendons. Many also get water retention, and end up getting joint pain because of that (it can help joint pain too, depends on the individual). Some get carpal tunnel symptoms on HGH (some use that as the indication that their HGH is legit).

I’m trying mk-677 right now to bring up my endogenous GH and IGF-1, which IGF-1 shows low on my blood work. Clinical data seems to indicate that it does in fact do that. Much cheaper than HGH. Tastes terrible though.

I would try BPC 157 first. Much cheaper than HGH and aimed more at healing. HGH’s function is growth/regeneration of new cells.