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HGH for 19 Year Old?


Hey Guys i was told by a friend of mine this stuff is amazing, and it will help me gain muscle mass and a load or other stuff too much detail to write down, would it be recomended for an 19year to take this for like 3 to 6 months?


Do you even work out...?


well I'm sure that at 19 you've put in the years of training and effort into getting your diet in check to warrant using HGH. I'm also sure that at 19 you're aware of the consequences of using HGH/AAS at such a young age.

So yeah. I'd say go ahead and use HGH because I'm sure it'll fix what proper training and nutrition can't do at 19.

You know what I wish I could buy? The ability to go back to being 19 with the knowledge of training I have now and train with the guys I currently train with.





absolutely not... listen, i just turned 20 and i want to be jacked/ripped/huge, or whatver you wanna call it, right now just like you.

as much as i want to use GH, steroids, insulin and all the other chemicals you hear about, i've read up on them for hours on end, day after day and come to the conclusion its really not worth it (or even necessary for us younger guys)

besides if you start lifting hard and heavy 5 days a week, eat enough and be consistent you'll put on a fuck-load of size with out any of that shit.