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HGH/Eq vs DHB (Test Cyp)

I have this endless battle on my next cycle, the one I will be ordering in literally 5 days.

cycle was gonna be 500/500 test e and eq I actually have a thread on this called 2nd decisions, decisions. and along came dhb….and hgh….these 2 fuckers have taken out a lease in my mind. lol…now please don’t respond with the typical posts, I need atypical here. lol

basically im a kid in a candy store in which there are so many different flavors…

its come down to this what do you guys think, and endless hours and loss of sleep have gone into this.

cycle one: Test enanthate
boldenone undec.

cycle two: Test enanthate
1-Test Cypionate aka DHB

lots of awareness and lots of inexperience…lol…what do you think and why
and my questions tend to lean on eq vs dhb and adding in hgh to the eq vs just dhb
also the possibility of a 4 week 40 mg tbol kickstart.

be 2nd cycle, but technically 3rd, I don’t count the first but I should…cuz it was

goal is lean muscle fat loss, feeling great, ect

41 years, 5’5", 175 lbs, 16.5% fat and I look and feel great (at least I think)

im not young young so I don’t care to move up through the ranks slowly, but im safe and smart
the amount used on either cycle isn’t written in stone yet I got 5 days lol…
really appreciate anyone taking a look at this because not a lot of guys have been with dhb, or real dhb and then hgh……

but the idea if I run the hgh is 4iu before bed for 20 weeks
the idea of the dhb over the eq instead is…what do you think?