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HGH Effects on Skin and MMA

Hey there,

I have switched from bodybuilding to MMA and have since stopped doing any cycling. My skin is getting worse and my strength slowly disappearing.

I read about HGH and its benefits for skin care.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience with HGH specifically regarding its anti-aging skincare effects and its effects on MMA performance.
total noob in this area, would love some wisdom.

Kindest Regards,


Chris “Magnum Dong” Colucci will no doubt move this to the pharma section, but how long have you been off the roidz?

Generally as your levels rise or fall your skin breaks out, so at the start and end of a cycle. If you’ve not been off for long then it’ll probably sort itself out in a few weeks. Very unusual for any kind of long term skin problems (unless your hormones are truly fucked up) when you come off but I did know one poor bastard it happened to, so maybe get some blood work to see where your hormones are at.


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So you stopped cycling and your skin is worse and your strength is waning… yeah that happens. How long since your last cycle? What were you cycling? Have you taken recent blood work? The first step is to get blood work done to make your test and e2 levels are in check. You will want to check TT, FT, E2, LH, FSH, and SHBG at a minimum.