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HGH During Rotary Cuff Rehab - Advisable?


I have been an avid gym rat for over 15 years. I never used supplements except protein and creatine. Have always been a purist and had magnificent diet and discipline.

First I broke my foot, which caused weight gain due to immobility. My first day with cast off of foot I got hit by car and needed massive rotary cuff surgery with 8 weeks in a brace.

I have been sidelined for nearly a year.

I wish to use HGH for the following reasons:
1) Steroids would be a waste, I can't maintain a program or support heavy weight. Weigh loss and recovery is goal.
2) I am 43 and recovery is taking forever and I cannot lose weight I gained despite high aerobic program and great diet. It just won't budge.
3) I am on regular dose of pain medication which has absolutely killed sex drive and HGH has been known to improve libido
4) I am lawyer assigned to China for next 6 months where I can get it legally and a reasonable price.

I see many single line posts saying "waste of time" when HGH is mentioned however my research leads me t believe my age, physical profile and goals make it a reasonable decision.

With that in mind what dosage would an experienced HGH user recommend. I don't speak Chinese and the doctors are completely unqualified to provide adequate advice. I am hoping for meaningful input. I am 190 pounds, 6 feet tall and between aerobics and weights was in the gym on average of 5-9 times per week for years. I always went for cut and was never that concerned about size, just definition.

My source is legit. I don't know how much to buy though. I get better price at higher quantities. But this is China, they don't give price up front. I am used to this so I need to go into the negotiation with an clear plan of how much to buy so I can make an opening bid. Hate this part of China, but love that it is legal.

Anybody with experience care to offer a recommended dosage program?


China? Be careful brah!

Why not do some strict dieting first?

What you eating?

I got mega ripped just eating bananas, melons and mangoes for a month. Look up 80/10/10 diet. Its fully legit.

I got some mates on HGH. They are big but not that ripped. Might help with your injury recovery though. Just be careful buying gear OS brah.


and you probably weigh 90 lbs to boot with a diet like that


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I can't really tell you if HGH is a good option for you, as it is outside my scope of expertise. However, if I were a betting man, I'd bet the house on it being more likely to help your situation than eating bananas, melons and mangoes exclusively.

Just my two cents.


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I'd say GH is a pretty decent bet for anyone over 35, but given your need for healing and various other health boosts, it sounds like a very good bet. Do it. (BTW, I'm 39, I started GH last year, and I almost literally cannot live without it.)


Clinical evidence is totally negs, brah. Totally negs.


I posted this months ago but couldn't reply until I got a VPN. The government filters any topic the Communist Party doesn't want people talking about and HGH and steroids fall into that category.

I want to post the results of my rehab to help out anybody doing a search on HGH and rehab.

First - I know there is a large camp of people that think HGH is either pure crap or not worth the money. Since there are no clinical trials the only truth is that opinions are just that - opinions. Take my experience for what it is - anecdotal.

I tried HGH. I am over 40 and imagine that one reason I respond to it is that I am in the age group where natural hormone levels drop and it actually makes a difference. I have a feeling that if I had tried HGH when I was 25 and had just started lifting I would be pissed off and say it was a waste of money. Chances are natural hormone levels are good enough that it won't have much of an impact.

As for HGH and rehab I would have to say now that it was a stupid question. Even those who believe in HGH almost universally agree that it will take at least a month at 4iu daily before the effects of HGH are noticeable. If you're seriously following a rehab program you will naturally heal and regain strength. After 4-5 weeks of rehab there are too many factors to say whether a slow acting drug like HGH made a difference. Some people simply recover quicker so recovery time is always going to be an estimate. Not every injury is equal so again, recovery time is not a constant. Not everybody works equally hard at recovery. Diet and sleep are also variables. Add it all up and there are just too many factors for anybody to definitively say. Results will be anecdotal. We will need definitive clinical trials before we can say HGH speeds up recovery.

After about 2 months on HGH the only thing I noticed was that I was simply happier. My sleep cycle seemed better, my sex drive increased and the texture of my skin, especially around my eyes, was fuller. I made my annual flight home and virtually everybody I met said that I looked younger than I did last year. My older sister, who uses Botox regularly, asked me if I had Botox shots. My personal experience is that regular and long term use of HGH will have an anti-aging effect, but it will take months before the benefits are visible to others. If someone is in their 20s or early 30s, they don't have any crows feet to lose, so chances are the cosmetic effects will mean nothing. Like my trainer, I think the value of HGH for someone under 40 is questionable. I personally began to feel "happier" at about 6 weeks and peaked at about 5 months. At this point I just maintain a great attitude and plan on using it so long as my blood tests stay good.

As for regaining strength, I hired a personal trainer and followed his advice to the letter. I could not completely regain my strength. My trainer recommended a 9 week cycle of Test-P 150 EOD. I did the cycle and the results were fantastic. Towards the end of my cycle he put me on an HTC protocol and his PCT was as follows:

day 1-10 clomid 2tab 11-21 1tab a day
day 7-21 vitamine E 400iu/day
IGF-1 LR3 50mgc EOD before breakfast

I did a second 9 week cycle of Test-P and Nomasteron (both at 150 EOD) with the same HTC protocol and the same PCT.

After two cycles I have actually more strength and size then I did before the surgery. I had never cycled before so I cannot say whether the HGH had a synergistic effect with my cycles.

My trainer says his personal experience is that HGH enhanced his cycle. He was worried about his liver and China is not known for its state of the art medical facilities. He has been training and BB for years. He hit 40 last year and started HGH. He told me he personally found that he got more out of a lighter cycle with the HGH. He did not go into it expecting there to be a difference and the results actually surprised him. He personally was not a firm believer in HGH, though he sold it to older clients (men over 55 mainly) for anti-aging. He now swears by it. Again, I can only repeat his experience. I started as a customer but we have become friends. He is no longer my trainer and there was no financial reason for him to lie. We were just hanging out.

End results - no evidence HGH will help with recovery after surgery. It may help you if you are over 40 but I can only say so based on personal experience. Rehab with HGH did not help. I only got my strength back after I cycled. Strict diet, good PCT plan and continued exercise after the cycle will be necessary if you want to keep any of the gains.

Can you add HGH to get more out of a cycle? My trainer says yes, but he would only suggest this for clients after they cleared 40. He has many clients and he has never had a younger client say HGH made a difference. He's been selling for about 8 years now and only older clients tend to be repeat buyers of HGH. Younger clients rarely say that the results justify the cost. Same drug but different results based on age.


Thank you Squat Junky,

I was reluctant to post because there are basically only 3 types of responses - 1) those that make no sense - like telling me to eat bananas when I'm asking about HGH to speed up physical rehab after a surgery; 2) "douche-baggery" - where people start making personal insults (though the moronic teenager response was humorous) or 3) guys like you that want to help or try to keep threads on topic. That is a 2/3 chance your post will not yield positive results. Just want to thank you for being part of that positive 1/3 that makes T-Nation a good place to get good advice. Very cool of ya


Great information, I really like that you followed up on your own personal experience over time.
As I have read hundreds and hundreds of times on this site, you just cannot beat a good test cycle.