HGH Dosage Protocol Post wls

Hi ,
I am scheduled for Gastric sleeve surgery on April 15, 2017.
I am 181 cm tall, and 171 kg. BMI 53 PBF 51%.
after search every corner of the web I found out about the HGH for post-WLS treatment. I live in a country in which this stuff are very cheap compared to US/EU around ($6 per 4iu) .so I thought why not.
I mainly need to lose weight and keep my mass . after I read the post here about HGH I came to the conclusion that I have to use that protocol below:
Weeks 1-4 = HGH 2 IU one injection
Week 5 = HGH 2.5 IU one injection
Week 6 = HGH 3.0 IU split into two injections of 1.5 IU each
Week 7 = HGH 3.5 IU split into two injections of 1.75 IU each

my question is:

  • The protocol did not say for how long is the maximum allowed term.also how many days a week is best suited for fat loss after wls ?
  • I am willing and able to pay/take HGH for 6 months . how should I take them?
  • I do suffer from IGF-1 deficiency. my Insulin-like growth factor -1 IGF-1 66.1
    normal range should be 115-307 ng/ml do I need a different dosage or it doesn’t matter?
    Please feel free to advise. your help is much much appreciated.
    pray for me to achieve a normal life: wink: Many thanks