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HGH Dosage, Method, Timing


Just wanted to get an HGH discussion going more so on some of the specifics that seem to have everyone divided...

For you guys on GH or who have been on... what GH were you on? Were you cycling? What dosage did you start/end up taking? Did you inject sub-q or im? What was the timing on your shots? Were there any noticeable sides?

I'll start:

I'm on Somatropin pharm grade stuff (8.8mg).
I'm currently on cycle of 100mg prop ed.
I am starting my dose of 2ui/day, ramping up to 4ui.
I take my shots Sub-Q.
My timing is I split my dose into 2 shots: 1 right when I wake up and 1 right before bed.
Sides so far I only notice right after injection slight irritation of upper stomach (goes away with a few minutes), some bearable joint pains and lots of water retention.


Why are you on gh? You are barely into your first cycle


My father is on GH and I went to his doctor and the dude gave me a GH prescription. (I don't live in the US).

I don't really see any downside to running GH...?


Ill be starting in the next two weeks as long as order comes through so hopefully i can contribute then.


Why not use it down the road after a few years of cycling. To each his own thought.

There's some down side to gh use, as far as speeding up cancer or tumors.


Theoretical sides...

Unless you have HAD it.


Theoretical sides? Haha right

Unless you've been screened for cancer or tumors, which I doubt you have.

Cancer can also go undetected.


Bro, you are all over the place with your first cycle. You seem to be giving out advice on the forum pretty readily too. Maybe it is time to take a deep breathe?


Not sure what makes you think my first cycle is all over the place? I'm on 100mg ed of prop... That's it. I have been THINKING about running dbol at end but haven't touched it yet.

Just because I now have HGH means my cycle is a mess?

I give out advice where I think I can help. I have read about a lot of this stuff and if anything I say is completely wrong or detrimental please advise me and I will take it down ASAP.


Super smart people like Peter Thiel are taking GH on a speculative basis because they believe cancer will not be an issue anymore in 10 years.
Not saying that it's right, but to each his own.


You are hopping on multiple orals (or seemed to plan on the dbol), didn't start with an AI and now looking at blasting letro to get things under control, and also want to throw in HGH.

You even gave the advice somewhere to start with test only and look at your first cycle. I am just stating the obvious, if you don't want to listen I really don't care.


Cancer in general? Or from hgh use potentially speeding up the development of cancer?


Ha I noticed this as well.


Back to the topic, I am only 8 weeks in on Generics (only 1 of 3 reliable sources in the US right now)

Generic grey tops at 4iu/ day 6 days on 1 off - pinned 2x a day IM. Wake up (6am) and preWO (1pm)
I started with subq and did not like the length of time it took for the GH to dissipate. There is a noticeable change in uptake when you go IM. Sides are as expected (numb hands, joint aches, pumps, hunger increase, deeper sleep, lethargy)

I started at 2iu and maintained that dose for 4 weeks and have tapered up .5iu/ week. I am currently maintaining the 4iu dosage as I am waiting for the sides to subside. I have mentioned in other posts that its become hard to even hold the barbell or any weight over 50lbs without straps due to the sore joints and CT syndrome that hits at times. The lethargy was pretty bad the first few weeks after I got above 3iu. My dumb ass tried my first dose at 4iu and had every side possible (stomach cramps, cold sweats, STARVING, dead numb hands and feet etc) Definitely something that just takes its time and much smarter/safer to let your body accustom to it.

One thing interesting i noticed that i experimented with was with subq welts. A majority of people using generics or non pharma (even some pharma users) get welts from subq injects. i switched to IM for 4 weeks and waited for my body to adjust to the foreign dosage of GH and low and behold, 4iu subq shot 4 weeks after all IM injects, and no welts.

Currently not cycling any AAS, as I want to wait and adjust my body according to GH and learn how I react, before introducing more foreign AAS into my system.

As of now, I am pleased and excited to see what I gain from GH. The results and experiences I have heard are nothing short of phenomenal. I am in it for the long haul and plan on running it until I can no longer find a reliable source (or can't afford it).



Is T4 really necessary while using GH? I cannot find a solid answer. I have already established that t3 is in fact not the route to go, as the t4 converts to t3 at the proper dosage (roughly 100mcg/day)

Is it really necessary though? at what dosage? how often? protocols?


Have you tried pinning throughout the day at smaller doses to possibly help with the sides?


I have not. I am gonna look into that sticky you told me about. I am assuming this info is in there.


Ok. WOW. For the last hour I have picked at my brain with that thread. Amazing information.

One question I want to confirm, because a lot of those guys are admin IV, and I will only admin IM, I am currently running 4iu 6 on 1 off. So I want to try the EOD protocol and splitting the dose 4x a day (Wake up, early afternoon (PreWO), PWO, and evening). So by math if I were to run 4iu day 7 days a week, thats 28iu a week. I should be running 8iu EOD. So 4x 2iu shots a day at those intervals. From what I understand IM uptake takes about 1.5-2x as long as IV so I should be ok.

Since I already pinned my first 2iu pin this a.m., should I pin my second 2 iu preWO, take tomorrow off, and begin this protocol day after tomo? Or take a few days off before starting, considering the daily doses will be higher but more spread out throughout the week?


If I remember quickly the purpose of IV was for a specific reason, can't exactly remember. I think for the fast absorption and to get the most amount out of the gh in a small time frame. If your gonna just run for a long time then I wouldn't worry about IV.

I'm no gh wiz but IF it were ME, I'd probably just work up slowly bump to 6iu for a few days then to the 8


Yea it releases the hormone all at once instead of a steady flow release like IM, and sub Q is garbage.
But Im not that hardcore and am gonna be using for the long haul.

Yea I think I am gonna take tomorrow off and then start up the following day. Just worried about how the sides will hit at 8iu (double what I am at now). Considering the doses are split into 4 it may help, and have heard that it helps with the joint pain, bloat, etc. but it still sucks. I couldn't even hold 30lb DB's tonight to do curls cause the pump was so intense and my hands KILLED.

Ill let you guys know what happens if I end up being a lab rat for this whole thing. Seems like this topic has been dead for some time. For now, I am gonna plan on going EOD, possibly even E3D at 1.5iu 4x a day. Eventually working up to 2iu 4x/day.