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HGH - Do You Use It?


Hi ya all.

Looking at some info online about HGH, and curious if any of you have or do use it, and if so what effects you may have had?



This is my second round of HGH. This time I am going to stay on for a year+. First off, it’s expensive. Secondly, the gains come slow and aren’t dramatic (and I am on cycle). A month in, I do notice that I feel better and I seem to lean up very quickly in the beginning (happened last time too), and then I fall off. I also seem to have more stamina and rarely get sore, not matter the workload. I can repost in 2 months, but so far neither cycle has yielded dramatic results. But it takes a while, and this time I’ll be patient.
Also…carpal tunnel at the beginning, I just had to work through it. Some initial water retention as well (Adex cured that).


From this, I’m sure HGH would be worth the cost.

Thanks for the reply!




In my opinion, and this is backed by one of the top 5 powerlifters in the world (he goes to my gym) HGH should be used with insulin. HGH obviously can work wonders on its own, but when you add insulin to the mix (on top of a hefty dose of anabolics) it becomes a game changer.

I currently run 2iu’s of pharma GH daily for anti-aging purposes. I am currently natty, but used generic growth for the last few months of my blast. I can’t comment on the sides of GH alone, because I was using insulin along side of it, but the gains were pretty fucking good, if I do say so myself.

If you can afford (and most importantly get a reliable source) for pharma, then I say go down that route. Although there is some good quality generics out there, you just have to find them :wink:

Edit: When I say I cant comment on the sides of GH alone, I was saying that during my cycle I could not do that, as per the insulin.


Ok so you’d say a 3 month supply is worth $140?

I’m nowhere near a competitor. Just thought the stuff may be good for a 47 y/o man to use in general to help with getting a little extra in gains.

Since I have type II diabetes, I’ll not mess w/insulin. Do not desire managing that shit ever again.

It sounds as if good HGH is hard to come by? “Pharma” is the best?

The stuff IS legal right? If not it’d be a deal breaker for me.

On another note, since I’ve been on TRT for years (cypionate, androgen, fortesta), and am pretty sure my dr will give me cypionate again, I think I’ll go on & have blood work done & request it. Doesn’t cost me anything out of pocket thank God

If/when I get the the T, how much do you reckon is good to use for gains for a non-competitor, and do they go away quickly if I’m using more than the prescribed dose then run out until the next refill?



Where did you get $140 from?

No, hgh isn’t too hard to find, you just have to look.

If you don’t buy it from a doctor, then no, hgh is illegal.

If you go on cyp prescribed by a doctor, you wont be able to run more than you’re allowed, prescription refills prevent people from abusing the drugs.


Ok on the HGH thanks!

The test I guess I can’t use like 3 months worth in one month, then wait the remaining 2 for the refill and have good results with it? Probably should use as prescribed anyway.

Like I said, huge gains aren’t even desired. Just wondered if I could manipulate the prescribed dose to tweak results a tiny bit while on it

Thx again for the response!


That’s not going to work, because you cant just stop taking test after already taking it. Your HPTA would be shut down, and your body will not be producing test naturally. You’ll lose everything within the month or two you plan on being off, on top of going through a rollercoaster ride of hormone fluctuation, which can fuck with you both mentally and physically.

If you want to add in a small dose, you’ll have to buy from an underground lab. Like I said before, there are things in place to stop people from abusing prescription drugs.


Okies, I understand.

Thank you!